Date Night Makeup Routine for Women Over 50

Style blogger Isabella Thorp certainly has a passion for fashion, but she also knows that the right makeup completes any look — especially on date nights. With that in mind, the 53-year-old influencer, who has more than 40k followers on her Instagram account @confessionsofasuperager, shares her go-to date night makeup routine for women 50 and older with Yahoo Life.

Video Transcript

ISABELLA THORP: Hi, I am Isabella Thorp. And I am going to show you the perfect date night makeup routine for all my ladies over 50.


The first step is a very good primer. It gives you a bit of glow already. OK, so now for foundation, I'm a huge fan of this product because it gives me a light coverage. Still lets my freckles, which I love, shine through.

For concealer, I just like to cover up my hyper-pigmentation. For contour, take a little bit of that color right underneath my cheekbones. Most people will contour here as well, but because I have a very narrow forehead, I'm just going to use what's left over. All right, so I'm going to do the other side.

I'm going to move to my eyebrows. I love this product. It's like my must-have. I'm just fluffing up my brows.

And then I take the brow bomb. It's going to thicken, fill in sparse areas. Because this is a date night look, I'm going to go for a more smoky look. I use my brow pencil, actually, taking it up along my crease.

Then I take some of this tri-color, mix it in with this color that's called maud, little pinkish. Now I'm going to want to add a little bit of sparkle right in the center of my lids because this is just going to make you look more awake. Now we're going to line our upper lash line.

I am like obsessed with this, uh, mascara. My eyelashes are so much longer and so much thicker looking since I've been using this mascara. I use a tapered brush to apply my highlight where light catches in your face.

For lipstick, very neutral. For date night, if you're wearing something bold, bright colors, or print, I typically like to go with a more nude lip color. I'm going to finish everything off with a glow mist because, you know, one can have enough glow, right? And voila, the perfect date night lost because I didn't wake up like this.