Dana White Introduces the Rules of Power Slap

To mark the upcoming season premiere of Power Slap, UFC President Dana White introduced the rules of the world’s premier slap fighting organization. Licensed and sanctioned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Power Slap is led by Dana White and airs exclusively on TBS.

Power Slap will feature competitors from across the globe battling on the ultimate stage to showcase their power, technique, and resolve.

In the introduction, White explains that each match begins with a coin toss to decide who goes first in the three-round maximum slap fight. Each round will see fighters deliver open-handed strikes to the face of opponents, 30 seconds will be given to prepare and recover. Fighters must stand with their feet parallel, defenders must stand shoulders squared, chin up, and hands behind their back. While strikers must keep their feet on the floor, tell the referee which hand and how many warmups they will use.

Interestingly, defenders cannot flinch as referees can deliver warnings, point deductions, or even disqualification. If matches go past three rounds, judges will render a decision based on a typical combat sports point system.

Catch Dana White introducing the rules above and catch the premiere season of Power Slap on TBS January 18, 10 p.m. EDT.

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