Dalmatian's Reaction to Hearing a Brass Band Leaves His Mom in Stitches

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She could not stop laughing.

Dogs can have some very funny reactions to new and unusual events, especially when they are young and are still having a lot of first experiences. As dog owners, we always look forward to those moments to witness their hilarious reactions. One woman captured footage of her dog experiencing a 'first' and we can't stop laughing.

TikTok user @indiarog recently posted a video of her Dalmatian witnessing a brass band playing for the first time. This pup had never heard sounds like this before, and he seemed to be quite startled by what he was hearing! He had no idea how to react, and went through several noticeable emotions in the span of this short video. Check out the video to see this pup's amusing reaction to the live band.

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LOL, this is too funny! This dog could not believe what he was hearing and looked around to see if anyone else was just as bewildered as he was! Finally, he relaxed a bit, but you could tell he was annoyed with his mom for laughing based on the major side-eye he gave her!

People in the comments were cracking up over this pup's confusion. @beesyea said, "Bless, pup's so confused as to why everyone is sitting and chilling while evidently the world is ending." Another user, @chipsticks5, commented, "He's literally so confused! Can't decide whether he needs to fight someone or if it's fun times!" This pup needed a moment to gauge the crowds reaction before he realized there was nothing to worry about!

Others thought this dog might have had other ideas about what a brass band means. @joannemcfaul commented, "Dalmatians we’re originally hunting dogs so he’s probably got it in his genes that brass instruments means go-time," and @doeninberlijn said, "His inner hunting dog is wondering when the running starts!" This Dalmatian needed a minute to remember he doesn't have to go chase after prey when he hears the brass, unlike his ancestors!

We're glad this pup got used to the new, strange sounds shortly after they started, and the side-eye he gave his mom makes it seems like he had a good sense of humor about it too!