Your Daily Singles Horoscope for August 19, 2021

Though the peace of single life can’t be beat, it’s always nice to have someone to curl up with at the end of the day. The path to your next cuddle buddy is only a click away with our singles horoscope.


Don't just shout your feelings (or ambitions) for all to hear. There's certainly some crazy energy in the air, but you don't need to be a loose cannon to get what you want. Take it slow for now.


People are acting more than a little crazy right now, and your special, moony mood could take on an shockingly intense form. Today, remember to give everyone (including yourself) a little extra space.


Pay closer attention to the world around you -- you get clued into natural beauty, but also to new romantic paths to explore. Take a nice long walk out of doors, with eyes and ears open!


Your personal energy is adding intensity to anything going on in your life today. You can certainly expect deeper emotions, heightened passions and more action in your love life for now!


Try not to expect much in the way of rational action right now, as you're sure to be confounded in too many ways if you do. Even you may bust out more than usual today! Fortunately, your intuitions are right on.

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Everyone is feeling a little restless and given to extremes for the time being, including you. Expect a charged atmosphere when it comes to romance and all that goes with it. Plug in and charge those batteries!


Changes are certainly in the air today, possibly of a dramatic, romantic variety! Get ready for almost anything or anyone. Thanks to some unpredictable energy, everything is a little nutty.


Your energy makes you full of passion and heightened romantic feelings now. You're nearly irresistible -- and you could have people lined up around the block for a chance to get close to you.


If you mood feels a bit unstable, it may be some lunar energy having its way with you. Ups and downs aren't so bad, anyway. The good times are awesome, but without the bad, you wouldn't know how good you had it!


Your personal energy is quite powerful for the time being. When it comes to your love life, you can make a really huge difference. Think through your options, check with your inner advisor and go for broke!


Everything that happens to you today is greatly intensified, so get ready for serious extremes -- which could mean some extremely good things! Bring your great attitude and get things moving your way.


Whether it's a huge uproar or just a bunch of little things just below the surface, there's definitely quite a bit of romantic action going on. Reactions tend toward the extreme for now.

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