Your Daily MomScope for November 27, 2021

·3 min read

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


Why do bees have sticky hair? They use honeycombs! If you didn't laugh at your little tyke's joke, watch your frustration levels. Cut out some of the unnecessary tasks from your schedule, and your sense of humor will return in no time.


How about a picnic lunch on Mars for your little space cadet? Today is a wonderful time to use your imagination and come up with new activities -- the more far out, the better. You're more focused on the futuristic than the here and now.


What did the mom say when a picture fell on her head? I've been framed! Today, a creative opportunity may fall out of the blue. It could be a chance to use these abilities on the job, or to express them through a hobby. Be on the alert.


Your intuition is keen in most matters, like telling if that designer diaper bag is real or a knock-off, so do follow up on your hunches. When it comes to money, rely more on common sense than compassion or someone may take advantage.


A super day lies ahead if you focus on creative projects. Pitch in and help the kiddo with the finger painting or other work of art. Emphasize the importance of using paper rather than the walls on your little Michelangelo.

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Today holds many delightful surprises if you let others set the pace. Your little one may have several interesting proposals. Say yes to a family outing in the great outdoors, and see who can spot the most butterflies.


Your cup runneth over, as in a bounty of things to do. Set your priorities and finish the most important tasks first, then the little things will take care of themselves. Let the tyke use a little 'me' time to learn about autonomy.


A wonderful day is on tap, in which work feels like play. You can get a lot done and have fun as well. And when the tyke has 'no one to play with,' you can step in and fill that vacant seat at the tea party table.


You will no doubt be spending a lot of time with your child today. On the way to their various activities or parties or play dates, you may overhear something that will have meaning and that you can apply to your own life. Listen carefully.


You will want to move forward on a home or other important project. Your tyke may have big plans of their own, and you may be called upon to chauffeur the gang. You're only too glad to help out, but don't let them take advantage.


You may feel the need to contribute to a good cause today, especially one concerned with the rights of those less fortunate. It will be a good lesson for the kiddo to see how you go about it. Get on it right away.


You have so many talents, yet often lack the self-confidence to apply them. This is a good day to exploit one. If you pick cooking, your little one will be thrilled -- especially when they taste the fruits of your labors.

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