Your Daily MomScope for February 02, 2023

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


This is a good day to remember to be fair-minded. It's natural to assume your tyke is in the right when push comes to shove -- perhaps literally -- on the playground. But you really should hear all sides of the story.


Inner beauty is most important -- but so is treating yourself every once in a while. Schedule a facial or manicure for your lunch hour, if you can. And include a couple of coworkers in the fun getaway for some pampering.


You may find that you're feeling rather overwhelmed by all that your little one has been doing, seeing and learning these last few weeks. Take a day off -- and give them one, too. The rest will do you both some good.


Two heads are more creative than one when it comes to home improvement projects. The nursery upgrade will be more successful if you get your other half's support. It might take some doing, but you can sell them on it.


Today it's easy to get other people to agree with you. Use your leadership skills wisely, and rally the troops to get done whatever needs to be. Encourage social responsibility in your little one as well.

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It's down to business today, whether on the job or your home-based business. You're good at the detail side of finances, but may not have a good fix on the big picture. Consulting someone with more experience will help.


This has all the makings of a super day. You'll breeze through the workday, and your tyke will find your good mood infectious. No need to try to analyze why this should be -- just enjoy this wonderful day.


Chances are you're feeling a bit more introverted than usual today. You may simply need to retreat into your shell for a while. It's okay to send the tyke off on a play date so you can have some 'me' time. Very okay.


Your little tyke may look to you for the answers to many questions today. It's tempting to just make up wacky answers, just for fun. Resist, though, because they really can't tell when you're joking and when you're not.


Both you and your kiddo are eager to get started on that new project. But you have work and other commitments to fulfill, and they have school or day care. You can always find time to both plan and dream.


You'll have an excellent opportunity to help your kiddo experience something new or different. Maybe there's a new kind of food to taste, or perhaps a game or toy they would enjoy. Variety really is the spice of life.


Out with the old, in with the new. Your little tyke may need new clothes. Before going shopping, store the stuff that's still good, and donate to a good cause the stuff they've outgrown.

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