Your Daily MomScope for August 10, 2022

It takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we need a little extra guidance from the stars to manage motherhood. Momscope is here to help.


You're in the money -- or will be, once you decide where to focus your energy. Number one should be increasing the cash inflow, so do ask for a raise or contact people in a position to help you gain. You can't lose with the tyke, either!


Let the kiddo choose their own duds today, and you pay attention to your own wardrobe. Put on your most versatile outfit, because this is one day when you should be ready for business success. And an apres-office celebration.


Having mastered crawling it could be time for the tyke to start cruising! You, too, are ready for the next level. But first there are a few matters you must attend to, like that mountain of bills and other paperwork. But exciting things lie ahead.


You're a domestic goddess --- all hail your special powers! You could just bask in your own glory, but that would be a waste of a day full of blessings. Check out real estate listings or home-improvement catalogs. It's time for a big move.


Your reputation may be on the line at work -- but in a good way. Past good work and attention to detail gives you a leg up in the eyes of superior. Make sure to carry through. Later, you're in a mood to celebrate, as in a night out with the girls.

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New horizons beckon, and this is a day to resolve the practical considerations around that dream trip. If you're ready to book, you'll likely get a bargain. Why not take the tyke to the airport, so they can have a look at what they'll soon be riding in?


What a beautiful day! Like the song says, everything's going your way. You'll most likely find time to shop 'til you or the kiddo drops, and every find is golden. So is the company of another mom, who is becoming a staunch ally.


All kinds of relationships are favored today, if you remember to look for the best in others. You could begin to see an old friend in a new and more positive light. And your other half has the kind of romantic impulses that set your heart racing.


You can learn a lot from your baby today. Watch how they use the materials at hand -- blocks, spare toy parts, wooden spoons -- to create magnificent structures. You, too, can build something solid with what's at your disposal.


Loving actions bring the greatest pleasure today, so spoil those near and dear. The tyke will be over the Moon with the fresh-baked cookies. And your other half will be equally impressed with the special feast prepared in their honor.


Older relatives may be visiting soon, so prepare your little tyke. They can look forward to hearing many fascinating stories about times gone by. Have them prepare a few tales of their own, since the elders will get a kick out of their adventures.


No matter how you say it, life is beautiful! You may not find a love sonnet on your pillow, but your other half will find other little ways to show they care. Ditto for the tyke, who manages to make a simple 'goo goo ga ga' sound like poetry.

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