Your Daily HomeScope for January 28, 2022

·3 min read

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


Start the week off right -- if you put off the laundry, the dishes, the dusting or any other household maintenance task, get it done and out of the way today. Perhaps with a bit of tactful coercion, you may even find a willing accomplice in your midst.


Add a little sex appeal to your bedroom with new bedding, candles or a nice plant. Introduce flowing fabrics, controlled lighting or strong-wood accents, and if you must have television, hide it from view, giving your bedroom a more romantic, old-world feel.


Don't be so flighty -- you still haven't met any of the neighbors. You've made this tiny speed bump into a tremendous obstacle, so stop putting it off and go say hello. Invite them over, even. You'll find at least one new friend in the deal.


It seems you often fall just short of your own expectations on the domestic front. Wishing 'if only I were cleaner or neater, a better cook or seamstress' is not the way to make improvement. Hard work and follow through are called for here. Today, take on the personal challenge and stop comparing yourself to others.


You are generous and easygoing by nature. You realize that in life there are few black or white scenarios, but rather many shades of grey. Let your cooking reflect this mood today -- experiment and see what shade you come up with.

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Try out an unusual dinner spot tonight -- eat on the back porch, dine on the balcony, or picnic in the grass or at poolside. Get out and try something foreign to you. You can learn a lot from such simple experiments.


Watch out for too much indulgence. Right now, beauty, food and comfort are magnetic. Try not to hoard it all for yourself because you can have too much of a good thing. All the best things in life are even better when we share them with others.


You are passionately inspired today. Make your bathroom warmer and more inviting. Write a love letter to yourself or a poem for someone special, or romanticize your bedroom. The vision is in your sight and the outcome is all up to you.


You are inspired and practical; it's a good day to start envisioning your root cellar. Getting a handle on the logistics now will save you big headaches and potential loss later. If a root cellar well isn't for you, consider another large project today, starting from the ground up.


Indulge a little today. Make a berry pie or toss some juicy steaks on the grill with squash. Gather a little group and have a mellow dinner party. For dessert, a little Dutch chocolate is in order then perhaps a silly game of charades. Relax and enjoy.


You have an altruist's spirit -- you encourage sharing and networking within your community. Start an email chat among a group of far-off family or friends. It's not the same as person to person, but if everyone can save the dates and make the time, it could be the next best thing.


You have the gift of intuition. Today make something for someone special. Just think of them and the light of love will shine on your way to creating something they'll absolutely love -- maybe breakfast in bed or a photo in a specially decorated frame. Trust your instincts; it'll be a hit.

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