Your Daily HomeScope for January 26, 2023

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


A call comes in from a friend who needs some help carrying up a new washing machine to his apartment. Even though you feel more like reading the newspaper while lingering over a cup of coffee, you should not turn down his request. His gratefulness means you will come home with a wide staghorn fern that you'll need his brawn to make room for.


Just the thought of fresh, juicy mangoes and you can practically feel the juice dripping down your chin. Make it a point to celebrate this mid-summer fruit that is usually found in Indian, Mexican and Indonesian dishes with ceviche, chutney or spicy mango salads.


It seems as if your phone won't stop ringing; you're getting one invitation after another. De-stress your day buy turning off your cell phone's ringer. People can wait. Set the phone's alarm if you feel you will forget to turn the ringer back on later.


You want to make homemade ice cream and there are no limits to your creativity. Start with a subtle vanilla base and add exotic flavors such as cucumber, avocado and melon. The adults in your neighborhood will turn into kids again when they are begging for another scoop of your unique ice cream!


It isn't the first time, but you've found perfect compatibility in a friend. You certainly can agree on how to spend a relaxing morning -- you both love sitting on the porch and enjoying the gorgeousness of the bright summer light while sipping tall iced coffees made with the real Kona beans from Hawaii and listening to the songs of the birds in the trees.

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Dream about the future and make plans for your next major project around the house or yard. Think ahead to three-day weekends and times when you'll be able to devote yourself without too many distractions. Planning ahead will enable you to take advantage of the time to clear some of the brush from you acreage and be fire-wise through the drought.


Your neighbor is about to start mowing his lawn and you are about to sit down with some friends you invited over for lunch in your yard. Don't let your time be spoiled -- don't hesitate to ask your neighbor in a calm manner to wait a little bit. He will be more than understanding. Save him a slice of lemon poppy seed cake and a tall glass of sweet iced tea as a thank you.


Read the fine print on the warranty of the new oven and make sure, whatever you do, to do your research before you buy a second-hand stove. You've already discovered that buying discounted items can be a gamble -- either an incredible savings or a pain in the neck. Read the fine print on the warranty. Tie the stove to the dolly before you cart it up the steps.


You and your housemate have differences of opinion about what piece of furniture you need to complete the perfect setup in your living room. The debate may rage, but beware of ego clashes that may be bigger than the conflict at hand. You can compromise with accent cushions that can be changed seasonally.


There is a struggle in your house about the need to start organizing for the upcoming party. You want to plan ahead. They'd rather wait for the day of the party and try to figure out everything last minute. Don't take this as a sign of something greater than it is -- people often have different approaches and priorities. Go ahead and make your shopping list, but keep it general.


You have a special gift of insight today. Perhaps you will be able to see a friend's problem from an original angle. From a design perspective, you might know exactly how to set up your kitchen in a way that gives you easy access to the back of the lowest cupboards -- pullout shelves.


Did you know that cherries are a distant relative of the rose? Make the most of this bright, summer fruit whose flavor grows sweeter as the skin grows darker. Cherries Jubilee or black forest cake will thrill your household as desserts.

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