Your Daily HomeScope for February 16, 2023

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


There is something truly divine in the way that the flowers leap up from the ground and show their faces to the sun. Lose yourself in admiration for the natural beauty of your surroundings. Travel to the ranger station or library to learn the names of trees growing in your area.


Go through the motions of what you're feeling today and reemerge when you're ready. If a dark cloud is hanging over you today, take the time to stay in your bedroom in torn up jeans and an old t-shirt. You don't need to impress anyone with a positive attitude today. Listen to music that helps you move to a better place for yourself.


If you open up your closet and a mountain of shoe boxes fall onto your head, you have too much stuff piled up there. Separate the items you wear from the impractical, outdated and ill-fitting ones, and start the process of cleaning out and cleaning up.


Subtle changes in the color and posture of your many varied plants inform of their deficiencies. You don't need a gardening book to tell you when your plants needs water or how often your rose bush need to be fertilized. You can communicate with your garden on a different level. Singing to your plants may reduce your stress.


You inherit so many things without really knowing the history. Why not do some research today? Find out the back-story on the banquet that you got from your mother. Figure out the history of a violin that a friend bestowed on you as a gift years ago.

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The way your desk looks is a good gauge for figuring out how busy you are. If it is covered in half-finished projects then you most likely don't have room in your life for any new ones. Wrap up a few of those stalled-out plans. Nothing is better than the satisfaction of finishing a project.


It's been a while since you looked through your jewelry box, and you certainly don't wear these pieces often. Spend some time looking at your great grandmother's jewelry. Appreciate the pieces she picked out just for you. These small things are of great value, well beyond dollars and cents. The little girls in your neighborhood will enjoy playing dress up with other out-of-fashion costume pieces.


Let your palate guide your evening -- especially with the warm evenings and the sultry breezes. Add to the magic by making foods that are influenced by romance. Think of champagne and chocolate rather than casserole and corn.


While most of the time it's best to have some sort of game plan, enjoy improvising your artistry today. Crochet a stuffed animal or scarf with no specific plan in mind. Or pick vegetables in your garden for a whimsical meal. This is how the most special things are created and you can finally use those odd kitchen veggie carving utensils.


As a friend attempts to catalogue her music collection from her entire life and she may not know where to begin. Offer up your organizational skills and help her put it all in order: admit that you're excited to see how her music collection has evolved over the last decade.


Spend a day sloughing off your calluses and rubbing lotion into your skin. Let your muscles relax and thrive, just like a daisy at dusk. You've put so much work into your garden -- now it's finally time to tend to yourself. Corn husker's lotion works wonders at night under gloves.


Your new sewing toy has been sitting in the craft room all week, just waiting for the evening when you get to come home and play with it. Prepare yourself for whatever you may find this evening -- this new gadget will either change the face of crafting or be nothing all that spectacular. Keep your foot even on the pedal and push the fabric smoothly through the machine and your thread won't snag.

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