Your Daily HomeScope for August 26, 2022

If home is where the heart is, why shouldn’t it follow the same stars that we do? Our relationships with our homes are sacred, and like most, could use a bit of counseling here and there. Tap on your sun sign and start making your house more of a home today!


Feeling unusually introverted today, you decide that the oven and your cookbooks are your best friends. Lemon poppy seed cake, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake and pear tarts all cross your mind as you become a literal factory of baked goodness. Sharing the delicious outcome of this endeavor will help ease you back into the social world.


Your housemates are working on a project together that's going beautifully and you can see their relationship blossoming in the meantime. Watch out for a subtle jealousy that could arise today and remember that there is no reason to feel left out.


You love watching the daily growth of your seedlings and the blooming of your indoor plants. Careful observation of the changes of life bring you joy and fulfillment today. Start your garden journal now and make a vow to keep a close watch on the changes even through the cold winter months.


Think twice before doing business with someone on your block. You may be fantastic partners in tomato canning in summer and in making homemade chocolates during the holidays, but would you really want to jeopardize this relationship by bringing in money, supply and demand, and deadlines? Keep things on a neighborhood level rather than going public.


Spend a couple of lingering hours in antique stores today, pondering new pieces to add a classic touch to rooms in your home. You have an eye for mixing and matching different wood, material, and era, and be sure to imagine how some items would look after you've lovingly and expertly refinished them.

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Your housemate is trying to communicate something that's very important to them, but you're having trouble getting the message. Others may not be as clear and straightforward as you may like, but you should still be open and receptive to their ideas. Invite them to help you cook a meal and conversation will flow easily over this mutual task.


You know that you really love change when it finally happens, but that you can also stay longer in a situation than is good for you. Do your best to not only embrace change today, but to help in bringing it on. Take a project such as remodeling the kitchen or redesigning your garden by the horns.


Give your houseplants the gift of rejuvenation with fresh soil, new pots for those that have grown too big for their britches, and fertilizer to promote new, healthy growth now. It's also time to bring out your new season seeds and plants.


Your imagination is running wild with all of the ways you could redecorate the bedroom: experiment with a mono-color theme, vintage wallpaper, or perhaps an art deco motif? Explore the Internet, home decorating magazines, and your friends' homes for ideas and inspiration.


Paying close attention to small details will be to your advantage today as you approach projects where details could potentially be glossed over. Rental agreements, instructions for setting up your new computer, and baking recipes should all be read very carefully today.


You're feeling strangely unsatisfied by something at home, and you have the strong urge to drink a big glass of ambition and take the plunge on a major project. There's no better time than the present to break ground on renovations or redecorating or you'll be left feeling less than content in your surroundings.


When your housemates ask you whether you'd like to cook with them or if you're going out, you find yourself ridiculously indecisive. This is one time when it's okay to let others make decisions about the small stuff, but hold your ground when it comes to the bigger issues.

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