Your Daily FoodScope for September 26, 2022

Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


You're not one for collecting stuffy old antiques because you're a forward thinker. Always looking to the future could have you ignoring the past, and the fun you had there. Reconnect with your roots with a dinner of alphabet soup and fried bologna sandwiches in front of the TV. Now that's fun!


Weekends don't have to be all about indulging. Keeping a sensible, healthy diet can be challenging, but not impossible. Think of that when you attend parties. Go with the healthier party fare like veggies, light pastas and breads. Leave the chips, pizza and beer for the more fortunate.


The busybodies' idle chatter may have you questioning some friendships today. Don't fall into the gossip trap. You know the truth, so ignore those trying to tell you otherwise. Take your real friends out for a pasta feast and tell them what happened. You'll all laugh and laugh...


Most of the time your friends are good with your kookier ideas, but the Rocky Mountain Oyster party may have been a bit too much. Atone for your sins today by showing them something different but not as daring. They'll agree that Filipino mechado and adobo are excellent, and they'll want more.


Telling others that their day will be black and white would cause them great concern. But you welcome such a forecast because black and white reminds you of Oreo cookies, which you love. And a day that reminds you of cookies can't be all bad, now can it?

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Avoid getting overly analytical. Just let things slide and don't go dissecting. You may discover simple pleasures heretofore unknown to you. You'll never realize how delicious Dutch chocolate can be until you stop fussing over the fat and sugar content.


You may gain a few new friends after attending a social function tonight. And it's about time, because you're really tired of your old ones. Invite your new crew to your pad so you can bond to a pasta and garlic bread feast. If any of your old friends calls, tell them they have the wrong number.


Get the gang together to play sports today. Anyone can play softball, touch football, or soccer, assuming you don't get too competitive. Keep it light and everyone will have a blast. Save the competitive edge for afterward when you'll prove that you can eat more Buffalo wings than anyone.


Don't let mundane details get in the way of a good time today. Don't get bogged down by other people's schedules or time-frames. Just do your own thing and make loose plans with friends. Rather than haggle with them about what time tonight to meet for pizza, just tell them you'll meet them there.


Maybe it's been so long since you've relaxed you're afraid you've forgotten how. There's a patio chair and a cold glass of iced tea with your name it, so what are you waiting for? This will be a perfect night to grill smoky barbecue ribs, so get crackin'. See? It all comes back to you eventually.


Look at your kids as peculiar bundles of joy today. Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason to what they do, and you like it that way. Don't analyze what they do and just have fun with it. If one of your kids wants a mayonnaise and pickle sandwich on Hawaiian sweet bread, just laugh and make one.


Use your intuition to create a masterpiece tonight. A deep understanding of what your friends like will have you whipping something universally appealing. You can't go wrong with lasagna and garlic bread. Serve those babies and you'll be universally applauded.

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