Your Daily FoodScope for November 27, 2021

·4 min read

Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


You may be feeling a bit blue today, making this a perfect time for comfort food. Put a British spin on soothing your frazzled spirit by treating yourself to shepherd's pie or the traditional bangers and mash. A little culinary trip across the pond could be all you need to feel cheerio again!


To you, today may be even better than Christmas! So celebrate in grand style, and don't let anything dampen your festive spirit. Just because you ran out of milk doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a thick slice of cake on this special day.


Tight finances may force you to get frugal today. This could be embarrassing later at dinner when you're eating soup and salad while everyone else is all having Dungeness crab cakes and lobster bisque. Give them the sad clown eyes and maybe, just maybe, they'll share.


Today will be a good one to embark on new beginnings. Toss all of the sweet and salty snacks you have stashed away and replace them with fruit, yogurt and trail mix. You'll still get the sugar rush you crave without all the fat, calories and sodium that are currently compromising your health and waistline.


Your warm personality will be as welcome as a bowl of chicken soup today, which should give you an absolutely fabulous idea for dinner. So get into the kitchen and prepare a big hearty pot of liquid gold. Share it with others and it'll not only be good for your soul, but for those around you as well.

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It'll be nice to know that you have friends you can rely on today. So show them your appreciation by treating them to a homemade dinner. Serving them your delicious coq au vin, roasted onion bulbs and a few bottles of fine French wine will be a great way to say 'thanks for your friendship.'


The office will be like a carnival spook house today. Nothing will be as it seems and people will act like demons. So keep your wits about you when navigating this scary maze. After work, counterbalance the negativity of the day by having angel hair pasta in a heavenly prawn and garlic sauce.


Today's a good one to get what you truly want. It may not be the wisest or healthiest of choices, but that won't stop you. So dig into a big plate of baked ziti smothered in melted cheese without any guilt today. Starting that diet can wait until tomorrow.


You may begin to question some of your deeply held beliefs today. But when you discover exactly how many hidden fats and calories are in those energy bars, you'll gladly switch to fruits and nuts for mid-afternoon energy. Today's rule of thumb: if it looks like a candy bar, and tastes like a candy bar, it's probably a candy bar.


The crushing monotony of the day will have you wishing that you were somewhere else. You may even see yourself at a tiny cafe in Tuscany, dining on mussel soup and osso bucco. You might want to stay there for a while because daydreaming will be as good as it gets today.


Despite your best efforts, today will not roll easy for you. In fact, it may run all downhill. This will be frustrating, but be assured that things will get better later. A hearty grilled chicken and pesto over bow tie pasta dinner will help put your life back on an even keel.


Taking on new challenges today will prove productive in the workplace as the right people recognize your hard work. Take this sense of creativity home and apply it to an exotic new recipe. A Thai-style curry, garlic and chicken stir-fry will prove to be authentic as long as you use plenty of basil.

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