Your Daily FinanceScope for July 01, 2022

·2 min read

The best things in life are free, but we could all use some extra cash. Let us lead you to the land of green with our daily finance horoscope!


You're just not feeling comfortable. You're not sure if your conscious world is filtering down into your subconscious or if it's the other way around. But either way, some heavy business is making earning money that much harder. Take a long lunch.


Live with intensity, and don't let anything get in the way of loving life. If you enjoyed going up, then have fun going down. Even losing money shouldn't compromise your deep emotions.


Helping others is good for your health, and could improve your finances. So if you're just not sure how to get your life back in the black, try to be of service.


Everyone is being extra cautious and a bit indecisive. With the general mood such as it is, it's hard to find anyone willing to get involved with what they are skeptical of. Make it your job to spell things out.


Being self-centered can hurt you in more ways than one. Plotters are everywhere, and you're too wrapped up in yourself to notice. Check your wallet, then your bank account.

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Your emotional nature is your driving force. That means you sometimes have unrealistic goals, but the tenacity to achieve them. So block out anyone with differing views today.


If you want changes in material possessions or living spaces, don't start by calling the movers. You have to start by changing your bank account. Getting more money moving in than out is your first challenge.


You have confidence in the market, even if it's ill founded. That kind of enthusiasm makes you magnetic, especially in times like these. Enjoy your adoring audience.


Money is energy. Feeling moody and slow is a predictable response to your lack of funds. Let your dreams be your motivator, and jump start yourself back into the black.


Never want to lose money again? Get a grip on yourself and come up with a plan. If others can do it, then so can you. Your first step is to look at all your personal details and get organized.


You can't just will money into your bank account, but your emotions are more in charge of getting it there than you realize. Let your feelings about advancement propel your balances forward.


Everyone has to start somewhere. You may feel like you're a doormat, but that will make a great story once you've made it up the front steps and into the castle. Endure.

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