Your Daily FinanceScope for August 29, 2021

The best things in life are free, but we could all use some extra cash. Let us lead you to the land of green with our daily finance horoscope!


You have only the highest standards with anything to do with money, but these days you can't be as choosy as you'd like to be. Your boss is the sentry between you and anything you spend and they are blocking your way. You'll have to settle for something that looks inferior, if only in your eyes.


In your subconscious world, milk and honey flow. But in the real world, you have to remind yourself that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The sparkle of something particularly attractive to you today is only meant to blind you to its lack of value.


It's hard to accept that some things are out of your hands. You have less control in general than you wish you had, but your finances, in particular, are bothering you. You just can't get a grip on where your money is going. Find a way. Don't let it continue to slip away like sand between your fingers.


When you can't jump start your energy, you're tempted to turn to your tried and true prescription: Spending money on yourself. But that won't work now, simply because of your new financial awareness. The last thing you really want to do is waste your own money. Find another solution.


You have a yen for travel but you just can't swing it right now. Pour all of your energy into planning and daydreaming. Be sure you include cost-cutting into your mental activities. By the time you actually take this particular trip, you should be able to write the book on how to do it within budget.

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You are putting the kibosh on your own enthusiasm. Don't bring yourself down like that. It's like trying to put a saddle on a bull, but try getting a grip on your negativity. It is having a profound effect on your bank account.


The responses you're getting from the universe may be subtle but they are there, and they are unmistakably positive. Things having to do with your finances should have you especially optimistic. They're not bright and sunny yet, but they are definitely out of the dark clouds.


When it comes to scams, you are as vulnerable as the next person. You may have considered yourself an expert at smelling a con but you can no longer be that confident in your abilities. Trusting your instincts is out of the question. Do some serious research instead.


The day starts out bleak but an unexpected dividend helps improve your mood. The good feelings branch out into every aspect of your life. Your newfound positive energy will give you the right push and the right momentum to get you out of a financial funk.


It's incredible how quickly debt can pile up. It seems like it could take forever to make up for one lazy year. Although it doesn't seem possible you'll ever see the light of day again, you will, with hard work and perseverance. Keep on pushing forward.


What started out as a penny has become a dime. One thing leads to another. You will soon be hearing the coins jingling together, and after that, the refreshing silence of bills. Value tends to like to pool together, just like you and your like-minded friends. Enjoy.


Luck is there for you but only if you actively participate. Doing the right thing is still a must. Be aware of signs you're being led astray. When someone tells you you're too lucky to get caught, you know enough to see it for the ruse that it is.

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