Your Daily DogScope for January 28, 2022

·3 min read

Life is ruff when you’re four-legged and furry with a completely clueless human. Fortunately, our daily Dogscope can brighten those boneless days with a little encouragement and a helping paw.


Everyone in the doghouse is worn out and beat, even you. You're moving slower than usual. You don't even notice when someone gets too close to your favorite possessions. To keep face, you'll just pretend not to notice.


You have less energy than usual. In fact, you're downright sluggish. Your intense energy will return once your regular routine does. Until then, lounging in the basket is your most practical option.


It takes a strength you hardly knew you had to say goodbye to certain guests. Funny how some humans grow on a dog. They even make the food pale in comparison to their good company. Sigh and curl up in your basket.


Life has become one big dinner party, but not for long. Enjoy it while it lasts. You have one more day to relax and celebrate all you have to be thankful for. Tomorrow everyone in the doghouse gets their noses back to the grindstone.


It's your last day to overindulge. Don't let anybody tell you not to. Your owners are on the same page, so it's leftovers all the way around. You have the rest of your life to get over the binge.

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If your owners traveled over the long weekend, the least you should expect a doggy bag as a token gift. Sweaters and collars are mere decoys. If they don't bring the real thing, you can rest assured they'll cook up something special tonight.


You've managed guest etiquette quite well over the last few days. You've given non-dog humans their space while eating up the attention of dog lovers. Even though the treats have been non-stop, you still deserve a reward for your good behavior. Make it an extra long walk.


The weekend went off without a hitch, not even any discord between the humans. Is that a first in the doghouse? If you have any room left at all, you should have a celebratory meal. At the very least, thank your owners for their efforts.


Not overeating is out of the question. In fact, it's become quite a habit. Getting back to normal chow in normal proportions is going to be a big challenge for you, but you can deal with that tomorrow. For now, enjoy.


You've had a wild ride, but it's almost time to get back to the basics. You'll have a day of gradually slowing down. The last good meal of the weekend is a bit of a letdown, but that's one more thing to be thankful for. It makes regular life more appealing.


You haven't felt bored in days. Even your humans' old relatives were fun to have around. Prepare yourself for a bit of a letdown come tomorrow morning, and be appreciative of the good time you've had.


Good food is like a love letter to your stomach. You've been hit with cupid's arrow quite a few times lately. You love life and all those who share the doghouse with you. Funny what a bit of gravy will do for the soul.

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