Your Daily CatScope for November 27, 2021

·3 min read

While Whiskers may not be able to communicate his needs purrfectly, today’s planets certainly can. With only your sun sign, you can use Catscope to translate the feelings of your feline friend.


You have got to slow down a little -- otherwise, things are going to get crazy! You should see if you can get your feline friends (if any are around) to sit down for a grooming and cuddling party.


You need to dive in a little more deeply to whatever it is that has been interesting you lately -- even napping! Your great personal energy is perfect for taking things to the next level.


You can't just assume that everything is going the way it's supposed to -- see if you can try a few new ideas out in order to get at the reality underlying the humans' weird behavior lately.


Your human family just does not know what to do with you! It's easy to see that you've got something going on, but they're being remarkably dense about figuring it out. That just takes time!


Some cats are all about their egos, but not you! On a day like today, you are perfectly able to put such considerations aside as you try to get along with everyone in your world -- everyone important, that is!

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It's much easier for you to complain than it is to do anything constructive today, but complaining feels pretty good to you -- so why not? The humans might actually make changes as a result.


You need to exert a little more control over your environment -- and today is the day to get started. People naturally buckle under to authority more today, so assert yourself over the humans.


First things first today -- and you're first, right? Whatever is going on, you're racing ahead to make sure that you beat out other kitties, or whomever else is trying to take what's yours by right.


You're not feeling sick, but you are feeling rather put out over some small slight -- so just plop yourself down somewhere and let the world know you're indignant! The humans might take it the wrong way, though.


You hit a kitty milestone of sorts today, and might be able to brag to all the other felines out there -- even through the window, if need be. Your amazing virtues come through no matter what!


No matter what happens today, you need to keep your head down and try to avoid anything that draws extra attention to yourself. Other kitties can take the heat more easily than you can.


At least one other critter comes to the rescue today when you think things are starting to get pretty dire. That could mean that you need to try something new in order to make them think you're still cool, though!

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