Your Daily CatScope for August 29, 2021

While Whiskers may not be able to communicate his needs purrfectly, today’s planets certainly can. With only your sun sign, you can use Catscope to translate the feelings of your feline friend.


Don't beg, don't make demands and above all don't just take whatever you want today -- the humans aren't having it! If you just purr a little or act like you're a baby kitten, all can be yours.


No matter how great that snack is, or how much fun you're having teasing a friend, you need to make sure you don't overdo it! Nothing disturbs your nap more than a bellyache, except maybe feline revenge!


Though you are quite energetic, you still need to slow down and let yourself think things through today -- there's only so much that one kitty can get done, after all! Take a nice, long nap.


If you can just perch somewhere high and keep yourself aloof from the goings-on around you, things should go your way, more or less. If you participate too much, you may find yourself a little embarrassed!


Woo a new friend or your best human buddy away from whatever they are doing -- they should soon see that cuddling is where it's at! You ought to be able to get almost anyone to give in.

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You need to be a little more careful with your impulsive behavior -- it could land you in hot water, maybe literally! If you hop up on the bathtub rim or anywhere else precarious, hang on like you mean it!


See if you can get your friends to accompany you in your travels today -- you've got a lot to do and see, and you'd rather not go it alone if you can help it. You may have ten times as much fun as usual!


Just plunk yourself down somewhere comfy and watch the world go by -- there's not need for you to try to affect it! Your energy is best spent in observation, waiting quite a while before pouncing.


You might not be able to wriggle free of trouble today -- but someone comes to the rescue! It's a great time for you to accept aid, even if you usually see yourself as totally independent.


You're full of good ideas, but you need to be the first to try them out so others don't get all the credit. Explore new parts of the house, try that new kibble first or just seize the best nap spot.


Now is the best time to make new friends, even if they're transient. Lay on the sidewalk and wait for the inevitable belly-rub, or see if the new humans your friends bring over have suitable laps.


It's one of those days when you're better off trying to get yourself back into balance -- something cats are generally quite good at! If you're tired, nap; if you're full, try to stop eating. It's simple!

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