Your Daily CatScope for August 17, 2021

While Whiskers may not be able to communicate his needs purrfectly, today’s planets certainly can. With only your sun sign, you can use Catscope to translate the feelings of your feline friend.


Whatever you do, stay active today -- you need to keep pushing until people either leave you alone or join in. Your blazing energy should keep you all over the place until you finally tire out.


Try your best not to make any snap decisions today -- it's vital that you keep your cool, even if the humans in your life seem to be freaking out. They may be impatient with you, but you shouldn't return the favor.


It's a great day to communicate with strangers -- even dogs or other critters too dumb to understand you. See if you can get them to see things your way, but also try to understand their point of view.


Though it's entirely typical for you, it's important for you not to react instantly and hyper-actively today! Even if that dog is scary, if you think for a second and show it your claws, it'll back down.


You're having a blast while you get to know the new critter or human in your life. They may be new family members or strangers outside the window, but you are still learning lots about them.

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Whether you need a long nap or need to explore the fullest range of the neighborhood, you know you're on a mission! The humans in your life may not understand, but you have your own purpose in life.


While you have your favorite human and other critters you don't care for so much, today you need to be a bit broader in your social dealings. You may find that people are easier to get along with!


Lie low today -- it's too easy to bump your head or scrape yourself up trying to get outside or do something else equally naughty. It's a much better time to let others get into crazy business!


Try not to avoid the human children today -- they are much more fun than usual, and much less likely to rub you the wrong way. You may inspire them to all sorts of crazy fun, so have a blast!


It's time to stop a bad habit (like chewing cables or scratching furniture) if you can help it. You should have the right kind of energy, and if the humans give you the proper incentive, you're all for it!


Your big ideas are certain hits with the kitties and other furballs in your life -- as long as you get to hang out with them. It's one of those days when you really ought to make sure that you're social.


You're still feeling rather dizzy, but it's not so bad -- in fact, you may find that you're feeling happier than usual, thanks to the distance you have put between your feline brain and real life.

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