This dad is way too smart for his daughter's TikTok prank

A woman is going viral after her attemptat pranking her dad completely backfired.The prankster, a musician namedSheena Melwani, posted a clip of theattempted practical joke on TikTok.Her video, which has since beenviewed more than 2 million times, beginswith an attempt to convince her fatherthat she’s been placed in jail.Melwani uses a digital assistant to imitate anautomated prison call, with the voice claiming tobe a “collect call from Boston County jail”.The TikToker’s dad, however, immediatelyrealizes it’s a prank. He quickly launchesinto a hilarious rant, telling the “jail”that they can keep his daughter.“Hello yes, please! Where do I sendthe money?” her father asks. “Takeher, take her, please! I have waitedso many days for this call”.Melwani, meanwhile, begins laughing hystericallyover the phone while her dad continues his rant.“This rascal is troubling meday and night. Take away internet!Take away TikTok!” her father adds.Several poured in compliments praisingher dad’s outlandish response. “Your dadis my favorite person,” one user wrote. “Hedidn’t hesitate at all lol,” another added.Regardless of how the clip came tobe, Melwani’s dad seemed to win over nearlyeveryone who viewed the video.“Your dad is a whole vibeeeee, love youguys,” one user commented. “Omg !!!!He is sooooo funny,” another wrote

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