Dad Turns Kids' Drawings Into Photoshopped IRL Versions

There might be no better window into a child's imagination than the artwork they create when they're allowed to just let loose. Whether they're drawing their interpretation of a bird or an entirely new mythical creature, they often come up with pretty entertaining imagery. A dad from the U.K. named Tom Curtis was so inspired by his sons' drawings that he started "bringing them to life" by editing photos of everything from rhinos to otters to Tim Burton-esque humans. He began sharing them on an Instagram account called "Things I Have Drawn," and it's now an international sensation with almost 400K followers. And if that wasn't enough, the family team released a book!

Over the years, Curtis and his boys, Dominic ("Dom") and Alistair ("Al") have shared a variety of works. Clearly, they have mythical creatures—like this rainbow unicorn—down pat.

They've offered up fine interpretations of colorful creatures that fly.

They've even taken followers on a safari, sharing a couple different lions, a zebra, a tiger, and a giraffe.

Curtis previously told The Huffington Post that he and Dom go on excursions to take specific photos that he later Photoshops to mimic his son's art. He explained that ultimately, he sees the project as about more than just his sons. "This isn’t just about Dom and Al," he told HuffPost. "There are loads of kids out there with a huge amount of talent. I think creativity is under threat a bit, and kids need to be encouraged."

No matter how a parent opts to do that, Curtis' message is one that anyone raising a child can get behind.