Dad teaches daughter classic jacket-flip hack for putting on a coat

This dad shared an awesome parenting hack for teaching little ones to put on a jacket by themselves, which brought back fond memories for viewers familiar with “the kindergarten flip.”

Putting on a winter jacket can be challenging for little ones. Fortunately, a TikToker and parent who goes by the username @crazylegodad shared a brilliant trick for teaching kids how to put their jackets on without help from a grown-up. While the clever hack, which involves placing the jacket on the floor upside down, may be new to some, it’s a beloved classic for others.

At the beginning of the clip, the filmer’s young daughter sits with her coat laid out upside down on the floor in front of her. The adorable little girl waits with her hands placed inside the jacket sleeves while the text, “After a lot of practice,” appears above on-screen.

“Okay, show me how you do it,” the little girl’s father says from behind the camera. She then stands up and flips the jacket over her head before sliding her arms through the sleeves.

“Whoa!” the proud father exclaims, while the little girl looks up with a wide grin and beams back in response.

The clip then cuts to a “before” shot of her earlier attempts at the jacket-flip method. The little girl fumbles with her coat and tries to flip it over her head, but it ends up landing over her face instead.

Amused by the silly mishap, the little girl breaks into fits of giggles before making her second attempt with a delighted squeal.

After a successful third try, the little girl jumps up and down with excitement before giving her mom a high five as the video comes to a close.

In addition to falling in love with the little girl’s joyful disposition, viewers recalled learning the same jacket-flip technique when they were children.

“I used to do this in kindergarten,” one user shared.

“We teach [this to] all the kids at daycare,” mentioned one caretaker.

“She laughs EXACTLY like Boo from Monsters Inc.,” one viewer commented.

Who knew putting on a jacket could be so much fun?

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