Dad 'tattoos' 1-year-old daughter in adorably wholesome video: 'She didn't even cry!'

A dad is going viral for "tattooing" his 1-year-old daughter, and TikTok thinks it's adorable. Dad and TikToker @HollywoodKeyzZz wracked up over 8M views when he posted this video — but along with those views came a surprising amount of controversy. In the video, @HollywoodKeyzZz starts off by turning on his at-home tattoo gun — which many users pointed out was missing its needle. The TikTok dad then walks over to his baby girl, seated in her high chair, and mimes tattooing her little arm. When he's done, he pretends to clean off the ink — revealing his little girl's fresh new "piece". His baby girl is all smiles for her funny dad, whose lovely rose tattoo is clearly just a temporary stick-on. It's no surprise that @HollywoodKeyzZz garnered thousands of comments with his TikTok — some good, some bad, some totally confused. "It looks good but that’s wrong… She didn’t even get to consent and it’ll look distorted later," one user commented