Dad sparks debate after learning his ex-wife is 'bribing' their son

A dad is stirring plenty of controversy after

revealing the “crazy” parenting decision he

discovered his ex-wife had made.

The father, posting under u/stinkyson68,

shared his dilemma on Reddit’s AITA

(Am I The A******) forum.

According to the post, the teen dislikes showering, which the dad attempted to solve by insisting that he shower every other day.

Those attempts were stifled, however, when the father found out his ex-wife had been “bribing” their son into cleaning himself.

The dad was angered to learn that his son

was getting money just for showering, but

he originally caved and followed suit.

Things got more complicated, though,

when the 13-year-old decided to

“charge” both his parents more.

The man told his ex-wife that their son’s

“extortion” had gone “too far,” but she

refused to stop paying him

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