Dad parodies what parents say versus what their kids hear

This dad posted a hilarious TikTok parodying what parents say to their kids versus what kids hear their parents say, and viewers, especially parents, could relate hard to the issues presented.

Kids are famous for their use of selective hearing when speaking with their parents. TikToker and stay-at-home-dad Fer (@fer.the.awesome) is familiar with this notion, evidenced by a video he recently posted. In the clip, Fer parodies what parents say to their kids versus what their kids hear, and his accurate portrayal has parents feeling seen and heard.

“Hey, can you wash your hands and get ready for dinner?” Fer asks while the text, “What I’m saying:” appears on the screen at the beginning of the clip.

The next shot features the text, “What my kids hear:” Fer walks into the frame and says, “Hey can you get your hands wet really quick and be prepared to be disappointed about what you have to eat?”

In the following shot, Fer’s request for his kids to bring their laundry downstairs translates to, “Hey can you bring your laundry back downstairs, trickling clothes along the way and then just leave them in front of the washer and walk away?”

Another example of Fer’s words getting lost in translation is when he asks his kids to get ready for bed—”Hey, it’s getting late. Can you find five things to do really quick on your computer before getting off, so it aggravates me?”

Asking his kids to clean their rooms sounds particularly harsh when they translate it to, “Hey, it looks like you’re enjoying that, and I really want to ruin that for you as much as possible. On top of that, I’m going to throw in some slave labor, so I need you to go upstairs and take care of something that is not your responsibility at all because I’m so mean.”

Viewers were in hysterics over the relatable content.

“Were you at my house? Because it feels like you were,” one user joked.

“I think our kids are related somehow,” echoed another parent.

“I’m so thankful for this. I had no idea what they were hearing when I gave clear, concise instructions,” one TikToker mentioned playfully.

As a parent, getting kids to listen can be frustrating, but videos like this prove that having a sense of humor definitely helps.

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