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Dad lets his baby get exercise on the airplane in the funniest way

This dad came up with the most brilliantly lazy parenting hack for letting your baby get some exercise and work off a little steam on long airplane flights!

Darcey (@darceomatic) is a TikToker and fiction writer who came across a truly genius parenting hack while traveling on an airplane recently. A few rows ahead of her, Darcey spotted a dad letting his baby get some exercise on the plane—without ever having to leave his seat! In the viral video that racked up more than 1 million views, Darcey records the dad as he allows his baby to crawl forward, then pulls him back by the seat of his pants, creating a manual treadmill for his baby to crawl on!

The video begins with a shot of the dad sitting a few rows ahead of Darcey. The dad has placed his baby on the floor next to him, and is allowing him to crawl down the aisle of the airplane. “Parenting hack seen on recent London flight,” Darcey writes in a caption.

The baby happily crawls forward several feet. Then, when he is almost out of reach, the dad grabs him by the seat of his pants and pulls him backward. Then, he lets go of the baby and lets him resume crawling.

When the baby reaches the next row of seats, the dad once again drags him backward by the seat of his pants. In this way, the baby is able to crawl around and work off a bit of energy, without ever getting too far away from his dad!

Over and over again, the baby happily crawls forward and is pulled back by his dad. Meanwhile, the dad leans back, relaxing in his seat.

Eventually, the baby has had enough. The video ends with the dad pulling the baby backward one final time, only for the baby to lie down on the floor instead of crawling forward.

Viewers applauded the nifty hack!

“Whatever it takes to make them comfortable,” one viewer wrote.

“Well, baby is getting exercise!” commented another TikToker.

“I love that the kid seems completely unbothered by the drag back, like his dad does this all the time,” wrote another TikToker.

Long flights can be tough for young kids, but this baby seems like he’s having a great time!

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