Dad has his hands full with triplets while trying to unload dishwasher

This TikTok parent was trying to load the dishwasher, but his adorable triplets kept getting in the way!. Austin (@dad_surviving_triplets) is a TikToker and dad of 6 children—including rambunctious triplet toddlers. Austin recently shared a video showing the chaos that ensues when his triplets try to “help” him load the dishwasher, and it had TikTokers cracking up!. The video, which racked up 9.4 million views and counting, begins with Austin and the triplets standing at the dishwasher. A caption reads, “The never-ending battle”. All three triplets are leaning on the dishwasher. One of the triplets waves a butter knife at Austin. . Austin lifts one of the toddlers and moves him a few feet away from the dishwasher, then turns his attention to the knife-wielding tot. He gently removes the knife from the toddler’s hand, places it back in the dishwasher, and moves the toddler away from the dishwasher. Meanwhile, the third triplet, still at the dishwasher, begins reaching for the silverware container. Austin manages to move the triplet away from the dishwasher before he can grab anything. For a few seconds, it seems like Austin has succeeded in keeping the siblings away from the dishwasher, but the moment is short-lived. one of the triplets starts crawling back towards the open dishwasher, and Austin is forced to start picking up toddlers once again. Eventually, Austin manages to close the dishwasher, and the video ends just as one of the triplets, upset at being kept away from the dishwasher, begins to cry. Viewers couldn’t get enough of the hilarious video and the adorable triplets. . “So cute. I bet they are a handful but they will always make you laugh and smile,” wrote one viewer. . “Props to the parents with triplets. I think I would lose my mind. I have 2 kids that are 3 years apart and I want to sell them on a daily basis,” one TikTok parent joked. . Another TikToker commented, “7 hours later and he is still removing babies from the dishwasher.”. To which Austin responded, “Accurate.”. Austin certainly has his hands full raising the triplets, but he also has a great sense of humor about it. Having triplets might mean triple the chaos, but it also means triple the love!