Dad gets wiped out by Christmas tree when he cuts open branches: ‘Saw that one coming’

You may want to look up the directions before you open up your Christmas tree…

A dad became a cautionary tale when he didn’t unwrap his tree from the bottom and work his way up. Fortunately, the classic dad faux pas didn’t escalate into anything more than a hilariously memorable moment for the family.

TikToker @nmusso001 posted the clip of the unexpected moment. It was almost as though her son was tempting fate.

The father unwrapped a Christmas tree that was almost tall enough to reach the home’s ceiling. He cut the string that held the branches in place level by level from top to bottom.

“It’s not even getting fatter,” his son said.

As the father worked his way down each level, more branches slowly unfurled. But the tree was still too skinny to impress his son.

Then finally, the dad cut the rope at a level low enough that all the branches busted open. He was completely thrown to the ground by the force of the tree.

The mom and son laughed hysterically as they watched their dad writhe on the floor.

The video racked up over 21.8 million views and 3.6 million likes on TikTok.

“Exactly what happens after taking off shapewear,” the top comment joked.

“Oh you want Christmas tree? I’ll give you Christmas tree,” someone added.

“I just got to know how many people it took to hold all that up while they were wrapping it,” a user commented.

“Saw that one coming as I asked myself why he didn’t start at bottom,” a TikToker wrote.

“That was amazing. Nearly knocked him out hahaha,” a person said.

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