Dad’s ‘day in the life of a toddler’ parody video has parents losing it over the accuracy

This dad and comedian shared a hilarious video where he parodies a day in the life of a toddler, and parents are in hysterics over the accuracy.

The mind of a toddler works in mysterious ways. TikToker, parent, and comedian Matty Acton (@mattyacton) understands this so well that he posted a video parody where he acts out a day in the life of a toddler, and his Oscar-worthy portrayal has viewers losing it all over TikTok.

The clip opens with a shot of Acton sporting a blonde wig with pigtails while tucked into bed snuggling with a snowman plushy.

“I usually wake up around 4:30 a.m.,” Acton’s audio narration explains, corresponding to the footage. “I could go back to sleep, but my mommy’s been missing me all night, so I wake her up with a smack in the face,” Acton’s narration explains over a shot of him throwing a pillow at the camera.

The clip cuts to a shot of Acton at the breakfast table. “I always have cereal,” Acton’s narration says while someone off-camera hands him a bowl of cereal.

“Not in that bowl, no! That’s not my favorite bowl. Pink is my favorite,” Acton’s narration states over footage of him passing back the first bowl with a frown before it’s replaced with a pink one.

Like a typical toddler, Acton changes his mind over the cereal and asks for yogurt before taking “a teensy little taste” and tossing it aside, following it with a single bite of an apple.

After breakfast, it’s time to get dressed. “I wear something ridiculous out of the dress-up box that doesn’t match, or something dirty,” Acton’s narration explains over footage of him holding up a dirndl dress and hiking boots along with a t-shirt covered in brown stains.

“I throw my first tantrum of the day because mom won’t let me wear that dirty shirt,” Acton’s narration mentions while he pantomimes a tantrum, flailing his arms and legs. “But then she gives in, and I wear what I wore yesterday,” his audio continues over a shot of him sporting shorts and a t-shirt, both stained with brown streaks.

“Here’s my second tantrum because I forgot to say goodbye to my poo before I flushed it,” Acton says over a shot of him pretending to sob over a toilet. Before it’s time to head out for school, Acton’s inner toddler refuses to brush his teeth and hair before concluding his morning routine with a quick fight with his brother.

Acton’s authentic depiction of a toddler’s whims had parents in stitches all over TikTok.

“You forgot the silent stare inches away from your face watching you sleep,” one parent mentioned.

“Based on a true story,” joked one TikToker.

“Spot on! The only thing you left out is the constant question of ‘Why? Yeah, but why?’ One hundred times a day,” one user shared.

Acton definitely does a great job of capturing the emotional range of a toddler.

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