Dad confesses which child made him decide not to have more kids in hilarious TikTok

This parent on TikTok shared which child made him want to stop having kids, and his surprising response has viewers in stitches!

TikToker Adam Schlosser (@adamjschlosser) is a parent and entrepreneur who shares fun and relatable clips about life as a husband and dad of 6 kids. In one of his videos, Schlosser admits which child in his family made him not want more kids, and viewers are in hysterics over his answer.

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The clip opens with Schlosser, sporting a red t-shirt and black baseball hat, addressing the camera. He begins by explaining that people ask him why he doesn’t want to have any more kids.

“They ask me which one was the hardest one? Which one was it?” Schlosser says in reference to the child who made him want to cease operations.

Schlosser pauses for dramatic effect and looks off to the side before responding, “My mother-in-law’s.”

“My mother-in-law’s kid was the hardest one,” Schlosser confirms, nodding solemnly as the video comes to a close.

Schlosser’s video struck a chord with both husbands and wives all over TikTok for its hilarious relatability. Based on the comments, Schlosser isn’t the only one who sometimes thinks their spouse behaves like a child.

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“I felt this on a deep spiritual level,” one user shared.

“Lol, what sort of funeral do you want?” joked one TikToker.

“Totally!! [That] sounds like exactly what I said a few months ago,” one person’s wife disclosed.

“This is the most relatable sound [for] us women [with] man toddlers (lovingly said),” mentioned one viewer.

While Schlosser’s video may be on the cheeky side, based on his other content, he and his “better half,” Sarah (@sarahmschlosser), certainly seem to have a strong relationship. Not only are they married with 6 kids, but they’re also business partners.

Between running a business and raising 6 kids, there are bound to be some childish moments from all parties.

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