Dad catches teen and friends sneaking out, uses Alexa to scare them silly when they return: ‘Parenting at its finest’

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A dad caught his teenage son red-handed when sneaking out with his friends — and the footage of his hilarious revenge is going viral!

Dad and prankster @rhythmlessman garnered over 20 million views and thousands of comments when he posted the videos to his TikTok account.

And, like this security camera footage that exposed the true culprit opening a family’s door every night, the hilarious surveillance video is cracking TikTokers up around the world!

In his on-screen caption, the funny dad explains, “When you watch your son and his friends sneak out, you kinda have to F with them when they return.”

In the video, we see Dad’s teenage son, Jesse, crawl in through the window — then immediately turn around the Ring camera sitting on the coffee table. (We’ll later learn something very interesting about this camera’s placement.)

One after another, like a clown car in reverse, teenagers pour in through the open window, unaware of the ever-watchful dad recording their every move.

Suddenly, the lights flip on, and a lifeless Alexa voice greets them. The teens freeze as many of their hands fly to cover their mouths in shock.

“Hi, Jesse! Next time, just say you want to go out, so you don’t have to climb through a window with all your friends,” the voice announces.

But it’s not just the hilarious footage that’s going viral! Dad’s explanation of exactly how he pulled off the masterful ruse gained millions of views as well.

Thousands of comments came pouring in to congratulate the dad — not only for his hilarious prank but also for the healthy relationship he seems to share with his son.

Some viewers weren’t thrilled about the son’s language.

Many people weighed in on Jesse’s reaction to the prank, expressing how disrespectful they found his behavior.

“I’d never in my life talk to my mom like that, let alone give her the finger, and we are hella close. Respect is everything,” one user wrote.

But others were quick to defend the teenager and his relationship with his dad.

“Some of y’all don’t have good relationships with your parents, and it shows,” one TikToker wrote.

“You do realize kids with this type of relationship with their parents have more respect for them than strict parents,” another user commented.

“You don’t get to decide what’s disrespectful in someone else’s house. Cuss words are just words,” wrote one user with an eye-rolling emoji in tow.

“[The] man said ‘I love you’ like eight times, and y’all are worried. How many teenage boys [do] you know [that] say I love you to parents in front of seven other kids?” laughed one user.

Jesse’s dad decided to chime in and clarify his relationship with his son and his family’s views on profanity.

“This is our relationship. We all curse in our family. He’s not cursing at me. He’s giving [me] props for busting him creatively!” wrote the prankster dad.

No matter where you stand on the issue of profanity, one thing is for sure: Jesse and his friends are going to think twice before sneaking out again in the future, lest they be featured in another viral video!

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