Dad Adorably Reenacts 'Look Who's Talking' by Narrating Toddler's First Mall Trip

Actor King Keraun was inspired by the 1989 comedy flick starring John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.

If we could get inside our toddler's heads, what thoughts do you think we'd find swirling around in there?

Actor King Keraun—born Keraun Harris—35, took a stab at what he thinks his son would be thinking, recently narrating a mall trip from the tot's point-of-view in a comedic, now-viral video.

“I thought it would be fun to get inside my kid’s head," the social media personality told Today, after admitting he "got the idea from Look Who’s Talking," the 1989 comedy flick starring John Travolta alongside the dearly departed Kirstie Alley.

In the social media clip, shared to both TikTok and Instagram, Harris and his 2-year-old, Keraun Jr., are seen exploring an indoor shopping center in Los Angeles.

“My dad took me to the mall so that I could be stimulated because he says I’m a Covid baby and I need to see the world," the Halloween Ends actor opened via voiceover.

The young boy is then shown riding down “magical stairs” (A.K.A. an escalator), before continuing to walk around, eventually acquainting himself with a “woman with no head” (A.K.A. a mannequin).

He even somehow lost his footwear along the way, with his father being forced to go on a "quest to find better shoes," ultimately buying three pairs in an attempt to catch less heat from mom about the ordeal when they got home.

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The hilariously adorable snippet continues, as the father-son duo gets into all kinds of mischief, with the youngster on a mission and dad following after, often trying to reel in the excited child.

Though Harris gives his junior some space to explore, he draws the line at letting the little one try out some activity involving getting wet. "I saw this water fountain, and I had a great idea—I should go for a swim!" Harris narrated from Keraun Jr.'s perspective, then immediately switched back to himself, snapping, "But he stopped me!" as he's seen pulling the boy away just before he steps into the water.

The two even made a pit stop at the food court, as Dad treated his junior to his favorite lunch. "Did I tell ya’ll I love pizza? I was tearing that Sbarro up," the voiceover says. Harris continues to narrate: “Then, I got thirsty and I realized ol' boy next to me ain’t been drinking his drink—he wouldn’t mind..." as Keraun Jr. is seen waddling over to a nearby table to grab a stranger's beverage.

In supreme toddler fashion, the young boy pretends he forgot how to walk when it's time to leave, so Keraun has to carry him out. Typical.

The TikTok clip has already been viewed more than 11 million times since it was posted on March 13, making an obvious case for its extreme relatability.

Following the adventure, Keraun expressed the joy he felt seeing Keraun Jr. running around and exploring his surroundings, as he feels that kids today are deprived of experiences their parents had.

“My son is growing up in the Covid era — but it’s not only that,” the actor told Today, adding, “Everything comes to us now. Amazon packages arrive at my house every day, we order DoorDash instead of going out to restaurants.”

If you have a toddler at home (or have ever raised one), you know how wildly relatable this entire situation is, and we're sure parents everywhere can appreciate the entertaining twist!