Dachshund's Sad Face When Mom Leaves the House Is Just Pitiful

Poor Noodle can't wait for her to return!

It's so unfortunate how leaving the house destroys our pets. They want nothing more than to stay by our side 24/7. And if we could take them with us everywhere, we would in a heartbeat. That's why you can't look at them too long when you leave because their faces will just absolutely destroy you and you'd never get anything done outside the house.

Take for instance what TikTok user @noodleandtilde goes through when she has to leave her Dachshund to run errands. She shares that when she comes home, it's all snuggles, snuggles and more snuggles. But her dog's reaction as she leaves is a complete 180 switch. Check it out!

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O.M.G. Poor little baby couldn't believe mom was actually leaving him at home all along. Can someone please tell Noodle that his mom didn't have a choice? She wouldn't dare to do that to him. No one would!

"I could never leave Noodle," said @lilmealdeal. That's what we're saying! He's too cute to ever leave behind. We'd sneak him in our purses everywhere we went. LOL! "STOP! Bring him with you. He looks so sad," commented @theplugdrink. That face is absolutely pitiful.

Another TikTok user, @deadly_penguin, wrote, "The little half-disappointed face is the cutest. I love it." SAME! The only reason we'd leave Noodle at home was so we could see him make this face. But then we'd feel so bad and we'd turn around at bring him with us in a second! @yourdailyjournals1 added, "He's like, 'After all the memories we had...'" He felt used and he was not a fan. We'd never do that to you, Noodle!

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