Cynthia Nixon wasn't nervous on her way to the polls: 'It's a day we've been fighting for and working for'

Cynthia Nixon spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about how she was feeling on primary day. (Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images)
Cynthia Nixon spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about how she was feeling on primary day. (Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis via Getty Images)

Thursday is a big day for New York State. It’s a big day for political buffs. And it’s an even bigger day for Sex and the City Miranda fans.

It is the day of New York’s primary elections, which will determine, in addition to other contests, which Democrat will move forward in the race for governor. Challenging incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo, as you may have heard, is Cynthia Nixon, who may or may not be on her way in her transition from Emmy- and Tony-award winning actress to politician.

So, how did the Sex and the City alum spend her morning? Taking pictures with voters, of course.

Nixon stood outside a subway entrance in Manhattan’s downtown neighborhood of Union Square during the morning rush, hanging out for at least an hour and posing for photos with anyone who wanted, whether they were Miranda fans or progressive New Yorkers ready for change.

At 10 a.m., a smiling Nixon let Yahoo Lifestyle tag along as she headed toward the polls. “I feel very excited; I’m about to go vote,” she said. “We’ve just been seeing such tremendous momentum and excitement for the last few weeks — not just in New York City but across the state. Everywhere we go, hundreds of people come up to me and tell me they’re voting for me. It’s really amazing.”

Responding to a Yahoo Lifestyle question about whether she was at all nervous, she proclaimed, “No! It’s a great day. It’s a day we’ve been fighting for and working for for six months.”

So what does the rest of the afternoon look like for the candidate? Well, polls don’t close until 9 p.m., so there’s still work to be done. Nixon will be “running all around to different parts of the city to continue campaigning,” she said. And she’ll be tweeting along the way.

Nixon has the publicly declared support of many fellow celebrities, including Debra Messing, Chelsea Handler, John Lithgow, Alan Cummings, Laura Linney, Audra McDonald, Kyra Sedgwick, Lena Dunham, and Melissa Leo — as well as endorsements from SATC co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Chris Noth.

But she hadn’t spoken with any of her A-list supporters as of voting time on Thursday. “Nah, I’ve been out here busy with voters,” she said.

Oh, and, don’t worry, she won’t be having another cinnamon raisin bagel with lox in public anytime soon. “No. A bagel is my special treat,” she noted before hopping on the subway to head crosstown. “I generally have uncooked oatmeal with all kinds of nuts and things in it. Which I think people think is weird too.”

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