Cyclist Killed after Intoxicated Motorcyclist Crashes Into Group Ride

cycling on cap de formentor
Cyclist Killed by Intoxicated Motorcyclist Ray Wise - Getty Images

Last Friday afternoon in Pollença, a picturesque town known for cycling in northern Majorca, the driver of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle crashed into a group of Polish bike riders on vacation. The incident resulted in numerous injuries and one death.

The motorcyclist, a 62-year-old Spaniard, reportedly tested positive for drugs, and was arrested for reckless homicide and driving a vehicle under the influence. He was taken to the hospital for his own injuries, along with the three cyclists he hit.

One of the cyclists, who was initially in critical condition, later died of his injuries.

While Spain’s Mediterranean island is known for road cycling, beautiful beaches, and historic churches, it also has a reputation for intoxicated drivers. In 2018, the intoxicated driver of a Porsche ran over nine German cyclists, killing one. The driver tested positive for cannabis, and it was later revealed that she had a history of drug charges and DUIs.

In 2012, an intoxicated off-duty National Police Force officer hit and killed a cyclist at 10:30 a.m. who was riding with her husband and a group of other cyclists. According to El País, also in the car with the officer was the head of the Drugs and Organized Crime Unit.

After stopping only briefly, they left the scene of the crime and were charged with leaving the scene of an accident and dangerous driving.

Like many places around the globe, Majorca needs to crack down on intoxicated and distracted driving. With Majorca’s narrow roads, no one should be anything but sober, alert, and concentrating on careful driving and protecting more vulnerable road users.

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