Cyber Week deals parents can still shop today

In The Know’s Jeanine is just in time to share the best Cyber Week sales that are still going on!

This episode of In The Know Live: Parenting originally aired on Nov. 30, 2021.

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Video Transcript

- Hi, everyone. Welcome back to another very special episode of "In The Know Live Shopping-- Parenting Edition."


Now, as most people know, Black Friday was last week and Cyber Monday was yesterday. And there were so many great sales. But if you didn't get a chance to shop, there is still hope. A lot of those sales were actually extended today or retailers launched new sales.

So if you still have some kids you need to check off your gift shopping holiday list, you're in luck because you can still get great presents and at great prices. Now, before we get into the sales, I'm going to be a little bit of a broken record and remind you that you definitely do not want to wait until the last minute to get gifts this year. It's not a good look, because those reports about shipping delays and product shortages, they're true, unfortunately.

A lot of retailers are actually already reporting shipping delays and the holiday season basically just got underway. So don't wait. The sales are hot right now. We have three of them coming up for you that you can shop today to get really great prices. No one wants to show up empty-handed because they waited until the last minute to buy gifts.

So make it a point today to shop these sales so that the kids in your life have great gifts when the holiday gatherings come around. OK, now, let's talk sales. First off, you definitely want to head over to Shop Disney. So on Black Friday, Shop Disney offered 20% off sitewide, and then they upped the ante on Cyber Monday to 30% off sitewide if you spent more than $200.

The good news is they extended their Cyber Monday sale. So today, even though it's Tuesday, you can still get that 30% off offer. All you have to do is use code CYBER at checkout. So there are some people, surprisingly, who have never shopped at Shop Disney before. Basically, it's the best place to buy gifts for the Disney lovers in your life.

They have Marvel merchandise, they have stuff from "The Mandalorian," yes, including Baby Yoda, and then, of course, they have classics like Mickey, Minnie, the Disney princesses-- I'm talking action figures, stuffed animals, dolls, toys, games. You name it, Shop Disney has it. And best of all, it's usually featuring a really fun Disney character.

One important thing to note about shopping at Shop Disney during this holiday season, they're actually offering free shipping if you spend more than $75. So you definitely want to take advantage of that. All you need to do to unlock that saving is to use code SHIP MAGIC at checkout. So that's Shop Disney. Remember, the sale was just extended one day-- that's today-- so don't wait to shop.

Next up, we'll talk target. So Target was one of those retailers that actually launched their sales super early in the season-- I'm talking, like, October, Target had holiday deals. And they've really been, like, keeping pace for the whole time since. They've had deals all throughout October, all throughout November. Here we are coming up on December and Target is still having really great deals.

Today, if you head over to their home page, you'll see they have this huge splash for up to 50% off toys. So it's perfect if you're shopping for a kid, because literally hundreds of toys are on sale. So the discounts are really up to half off.

There are things like those LOL Surprise dolls that are really popular. Those are up to 40% off. Even LEGO sets are up to 40% off over at Target. One really cool gift that you should definitely check out is also a Razor scooter. So there are lots of kids who like to spend time inside on screens, and that's OK. But when it's time for them to get outside and have a little fun, a Razor scooter is going to be a great gift that they'll use really often.

One important thing to note about shopping at Target is they actually have an amazing price match policy this holiday season. So if you buy something this week, for instance, that's $50 and then Target marks it down to $40 next week, you can bring your receipt to the Target store and they'll refund you the difference. And that policy is valid right through December 24, so you can always shop at Target this holiday season and know that you're going to get the best deal, because even if you paid a little bit more and the price drops, Target will match that price for you.

Last but not least, obviously, we can't talk holiday shopping without talking, you guessed it, Amazon. Amazon has so many items for literally anyone in your life, kids included. A lot of people don't realize that Amazon actually has a really stellar selection when it comes to toys. So if you're looking for, like, Hasbro games, if you're looking for Barbie from Mattel, if you're looking for a Hot Wheels, if you're looking for Play-Doh-- literally, there are so many toys and gifts for kids on Amazon.

And right now, so many of them are on sale. The other really great thing about shopping for the kids in your life on Amazon is there's probably some stuff already sitting in your Amazon cart, right? I know there is in mine-- like, maybe I need a new hat or maybe I needed a replacement bag for my vacuum cleaner. All of those things are just hanging out in my cart.

What difference does it make if I toss in a gift for my niece, or my nephew, or my godchild so that I can check out all at once, get those gifts checked off my list, and I don't have to worry about it anymore? Of course, if you're an Amazon Prime member, it's even better because your order will ship for free. And it'll ship really fast so you don't have to worry about it not arriving in time.

So those are three sales you should definitely check out, especially if you're shopping for kids, because the discounts on toys are really top notch right now. I hope that you won't wait till the last minute. I've warned you plenty of times now. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays.