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'Cute, stretchy and comfortable': These No. 1 bestselling no-show socks actually stay in place, shoppers say

Before the warm weather hits, you'd better take stock of your socks. You won't need the thick wool ones much longer now, and nothing throws off a perfectly good outfit quite like heavy, uncomfortable socks with low-top sneakers or flats. Here's your chance to get off on the right foot: Wernies No Show Socks. Over 57,000 Amazon reviewers including nurses and teachers have given them a five-star rating.

It's almost time for Keds and boat shoes, but there's no need to skip the socks. These low-cut options can save you the blisters.

$10 at Amazon

The special sauce? Thanks to several rows of silicone grips, these no-shows are designed not to slide down. They're virtually undetectable under your shoes, so you can confidently (and comfortably) wear them with low-top sneakers, loafers and walking shoes, fans say.

Made from a cotton-spandex blend, they're super-stretchy, and they wick away moisture — a nice bonus as we head into sweaty-feet season. You can stay basic with black or white, but there are also pretty pastels just begging for a spot in your spring sock rotation.

Four pairs of short socks
Gen Z is trying to bring back taller socks, but we'll stick with our low-cut besties. (Amazon)

"Oh my goodness! I love these socks," a shopper declared. "I have been looking for a no-show sock that would stay in place — without riding down into your shoe — for years. These are comfortable and easy to wear. They have four wavy rows of silicone grippers on the heel and even stay in place while putting your shoe on. I love them so much I wear them in the house after taking off my shoes. They are cute, stretchy and comfortable."

One reviewer swears that they caress your feet: "I cannot explain what it is exactly, but if you look very closely you can see that there is something in the fabric that makes these socks hug and massage your feet as if by magic! The comfort can only be known by experiencing it for yourself. It simply cannot be described. ... I've given them to friends and family. They're amazed, too! What's in these socks?"

"Great value. I'm a nurse and wear jogger scrubs but was struggling with finding ankle socks that were 'no show,' thin enough, but also didn't slide down or burn the back of my ankles," another shopper marveled. "The rubber on the back to hold up the socks is comfortable. I work 12-hour nights and I haven't had an issue at all."

Another customer raved: "I am a teacher on my feet all day busy with energetic students. These socks stay in place, keep my hot feet dry and are extremely comfortable. I have finally found my favorites!"

"Only downside is I wish they were a little thicker," said a final shopper. "These work well for my more casual shoes and sneakers, but for workouts or shoes that I want a thicker sock (like boots), I don't wear these." (Good thing boot season is over!)

If you really want to stock up, how about some pastels for spring?

$15 at Amazon

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