How to cut a mango perfectly every time

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Mangos are a sweet and juicy tropical fruit that are great for slaws, salsa, salads and smoothies. However, trying to peel and cut open this fruit can be a huge pain, mostly because the fruit inside of the skin is attached to a long pit in the center, which can be difficult to maneuver around. Here’s how to cut a mango the right way.

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Although you don't eat mango skin, the National Mango Board advises thouroughly washing your mango before cutting to prevent any cross-contamination of germs that may be on the peel.

Once you've given the fruit a good rinse, get out a sharp knife and cutting board. Either hold the mango vertically with the stem at the top or horizontally. Slice the sides of the mango off 1/4-inch away from the center of the fruit. Do the same on the other side of the mango. Now, you should have two halves of the mango with fruit inside of the skin.

If you’re familiar with cutting an avocado, then the next step shouldn’t be hard. Take one of the halves and slice the fruit without cutting all the way through the skin; be super careful if you choose to hold the mango half while cutting. A safer bet is to keep it firmly on the cutting board.

You can either cut out large slices which will be great to throw on the grill or create smaller cuts by using a grid pattern.

Finally, take a spoon and scoop out the fruit.

There’s more than one way to cut a mango, and folks on TikTok have come up with some hacks, but learning how to work around the seed will lead to your success in getting access to every part of this summery fruit without wasting a single juicy morsel.

Now you can enjoy a full bowl of the delicious mango slices, or use the fruit to add sweetness and tropical flavors to your tacos, grilled chicken or your favorite summertime salsa and dip recipes.