Customers Are So Upset With McDonald's After Child Labor Law Violations

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McDonald’s has a history of violating child labor laws. Back in 2022, for example, a location in San Diego was charged $25,000 for subjecting minors to dangerous tasks. Now, there’s a new case to add to the mix, as multiple McDonald’s locations in Kentucky hare facing charges after investigations by the U.S. Department of Labor. (And this is on top of all those food-related lawsuits!)

Bauer Foods LLC, Archways Richwood, and Bell Restaurant Group are all under fire for violating child labor laws at McDonald’s restaurants. One location has been fined over $39,711 for employing children as young as 10 years old and allowing them to work late into the night—without pay. If you ask us, that really takes the flavor out of Big Mac Sauce. And others seem to agree; across the internet, customers are expressing their anger at the corporation. Find all the details below.

McDonald's faces charges for child labor law violations

Although child labor has been outlawed in the United States since 1938, there are still companies that are unfortunately attempting to slip under the radar. As it turns out, that includes several McDonald's locations in Kentucky.

One of the most shocking violations of labor laws was committed by Bauer Foods LLC in Louisville, who has been fined $39,711. According to CBS, this franchise owner employed two 10-year-olds, who were the children of a night manager. Not only were the children allegedly unpaid, but were also working as late as 2 a.m. on occasion. In fact, one of the children reportedly used equipment in the kitchen, which is illegal for people under 16.

Other franchise owners facing tens of thousands of dollars charges due to violations committed at McDonald's locations include Archways Richwood and Bell Restaurant Group. Archways Richwood has been charged $143,466 for allowing 242 minors to work over 18 hours per week during school and over 40 hours per week during breaks. The minors were also allowed to perform dangerous tasks. Bell Restaurant Group allowed 39 minors to work illegal hours (including during the school day) and use dangerous equipment; they're facing $29,267 in charges.

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As if the unappetizing desserts weren't enough, this is just the latest scandal to taint the McDonald's brand. Consumers aren't taking this news lightly. Many are airing their grievances the comments section of one TikTok explaining the situation.

"America is going backwards!!!" one person wrote.

"It is appalling what our country is becoming," someone else echoed.

"They need much more punishment that a $200,000 fine," another commenter suggested, while one person agreed that "those fines are way too low."

Especially when you consider the health effects those French fries can have on your body, you really have to ask yourself if it's worth it sometimes.

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