Customers Discover Yet Another Surcharge Fee At Walmart: 'Crazy Expensive'

Exterior of Walmart store
Exterior of Walmart store

This article has been updated since its initial publish date with more relevant information related to Walmart surcharges and customer reactions. 

Do you get your groceries delivered? Well, if you’re a Walmart customer, you’ll have to pay extra for their Express Delivery service. In addition, the U.S. Sun reports that there will now also be another fee if shoppers try to use coupons with their WalmartPetRx AutoShip & Save service that delivers their pet’s medication on a schedule.

Walmart, like its fellow grocery chains and competitors Target and Whole Foods, has instituted an extra charge on certain delivery orders, and customers aren’t happy. Read on to learn more about these controversial surcharges and see what shoppers have to say.

Customers Discover Added Fee On Express Delivery Orders

Much to the dismay of shoppers, an additional $10 surcharge has been spotted on Express Delivery orders, which are those to be delivered on the same day. The retailer did recently drop its $35 minimum order delivery requirement, but the Express Delivery fee has thrown customers for a loop—especially since it is on top of the existing delivery charge.

Some shoppers have also asked if they qualify for refunds of the fee when their orders are late, or not delivered in the "express" time frame:

Fans React: 'A SCAM!!!' vs. 'Totally Worth [It]'

Fans of the retail giant are divided on opinions relating to the fee, with some angrily referring to it as a "scam" and others arguing that it's actually "worth it" for the express service.

Walmart's Additional Fee For Pet Medication

Also, the department store's WalmartPetRx AutoShip & Save service will now come with even more fees if customers choose coupons with the pet auto-delivery, the Sun notes.

"Regardless of if you have a coupon, AutoShip orders will use the regular price at the time the order is placed," the publication writes, explaining that this is because AutoShip orders "cannot be combined with other coupons, discounts, and offers" provided by WalmartPetRx.

If a customer does try to use coupons with auto-delivery, it will not work, and they will still see charges added on. To avoid this, the outlet suggests logging into your account and switching off the auto-delivery service for that month to actually redeem the discounts.

How To Save On Walmart Orders

If you are struggling to deal with Walmart's delivery fees, there more helpful options to try.

Financially, it may be smarter to subscribe to Walmart+ if you find yourself getting delivery fairly often. It costs $12.95 a month (or $98 annually), and drops the usual delivery charge of $7.95-$9.95 from each delivery order. However, if you're looking to get the same-day Express Delivery, the $10 surcharge will still be on your bill.

Another option is to forego delivery altogether and place your order for pickup, which is charge-free if you spend at least $35. Yes, you'll have to get over to your local Walmart to grab your order, but it will be fully shopped and ready for you by Walmart employees, so you don't need to spend any time in-store.

The Express Delivery surcharge isn't the first one of its kind discovered by Walmart shoppers—customers have previously called out the chain for their automatic bag fees.