Customers Say This Adorable $22 Tool is the ‘Cutest Pain Reliever’ for Alleviating Period Cramps

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The time has come, potentially when you’re reading this or soon before, but your period may be coming in full force. You’re getting everything ready: the migraine hats, the chocolate stash, the medication, everything! Even when you prep for everything, though, it’s somehow still not enough. You get cranky, and sad, and those period cramps always seem to be worse than you remembered. However, while we’re prepping for the terrible period ahead, who says we can’t do it with a little bit of spice?

Or should we say adorableness? Because that’s exactly how one could describe this affordable heating pad: an absolutely adorable addition. For only $22, you can get this Menstruation Crustacean for your period pains, and nearly everyone says it’s worth the money.

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Mensuration Crustacean. - Credit: WHAT DO YOU MEME?
Mensuration Crustacean. - Credit: WHAT DO YOU MEME?


Menstruation Crustacean

Price: $22.74, originally $24

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The Menstruation Crustacean is an adorable and effective tool to beat those debilitating cramps you always seem to get at the most inconvenient times. Both soothing and super-sweet, this is the perfect gift for your partner or for yourself to get through the hellish week of period pains.

This handy dandy little dude is so easy to use, and when you’re done with the two steps, you can just cuddle him to a night of soothing sleep. Per the brand, all you have to do is remove the heating pad and place it in the microwave for one minute. Then reinsert it, and you have the smell of lavender and feel a sense of serenity. What more could you ask for with a heating pad?

With nearly 3,000 reviews, this little guy has garnered a huge cult following. One shopper said it was the “cutest pain reliever ever,” saying, “It’s so soft and cuddly! It IS lavender-scented, for my fellow impulse buyers who don’t read the full description, and it’s a bit overpowering when the actual heating pad comes out of the microwave but the smell goes away once it’s put back in the lobster. Good for kids, too! I’m constantly fighting my 8 yo over this, ha. Pain relief is 10/10, especially for those who suffer from PCOS or have cramps bad enough to take down an elephant. A cute period pal worthy of your $$.”

Another shopper said, “My middle daughter loved theirs so much I bought one for my youngest. They’re not old enough for their periods yet, but they love cuddling with it at bedtime and when they don’t feel good. This one is way nicer than the other brands I tried, I ended up returning the other ones.”


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