Customer calls Five Guys ‘highway robbery’ after $74 meal: ‘Will never go there again’

A customer couldn’t believe how high her bill was at Five Guys.

TikToker @retailcheapskate is certain the burger franchise is highway robbery. After ordering dinner, she was stunned by the $74 price tag that came with it. When she posted a receipt for the meal, it sparked a debate.

“When did Five Guys become a five star restaurant?! This is four hamburgers, two fries and drinks,” the video text read.

She held the receipt up to the camera. The order total was $70.10, and after a $3.53 tip, came out to $74.10.

“Five Guys is highway robbery!” she wrote in the caption.

The video received over 1.8 million views.

“Why y’all complaining? These burgers are actually worth the price, I don’t mind paying for something that is really good,” a person said to which she replied, “Woof I disagree.”

“We actually had to stop eating there because it is too expensive for our family of four,” a user wrote.

“Just a burger, small fries and small drink add to over $20. I will never go there again,” another commented.

“You are paying fresh high-quality beef, never frozen, a very large burger, very large fresh cut fries. Food costs have gone up about 30%” someone added.

“I always wonder who is keeping that place in business,” a TikToker added.

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