‘Curviest Model Ever’ Hunter McGrady launches size-inclusive fashion line with QVC

Hunter McGrady, a modeling industry trailblazer and body-positivity icon, recently launched her own size- inclusive fashion line with QVC called All Worthy. Created in partnership with QVC, a leader in launching size-inclusive apparel, accessories and footwear brands, McGrady says the union felt like a natural fit from the start.

Video Transcript

HUNTER MCGRADY: Hi, I'm Hunter McGrady. And I cannot wait for you guys to see my collection, All Worthy.


I got started in the fashion industry because I started modeling at 16 years old. And then around 20, I got into plus-sized modeling. And just threw all of that, I really learned to love fashion. That has just been a dream of mine since I was little. My mom was a model. My dad's an actor. I was always around it in the business. And I've always had a love for clothes.

I say we close it up, drop here. How's it fit? How does it feel? We could do a hot-pink tee shirt and a legging.

- OK.

HUNTER MCGRADY: Body, we can bring in a little bit. And the arms, we can bring in a little bit.

With this line, I really wanted it to be inclusive. The size range is incredible. And it is truly inclusive. And I am bringing that to the fashion forefront. And I am so thrilled about it and very, very proud. I really wanted to create a line that was beautiful, that was trendy, and that the fit was amazing for every body size. And we did just that with QVC. And it's absolutely amazing. I think that this is going to be the wave of the future. And as a plus-size woman, I know the need for more options out there. And so here I am now with QVC, my first line. And I cannot wait to launch it and for all of you guys see it.