Curling Tips Everyone With Short Hair Should Know

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Photo credit: Design by Yoora Kim - YouTube
Photo credit: Design by Yoora Kim - YouTube

DIY’ing new hairstyles can be challenging, especially when it comes to curling short hair. Whether you’re a #shorthairdontcare newbie, or a tried-and-true member of the cut life, with the right tools, practice, and step-by-step instructions from helpful YouTube tutorials, you can become a pro.

Maybe you’re already slaying a chic short haircut, but you're in the mood to switch it up and need at-home styling tips. Or maybe, you've been rocking short hair forever, and you're on a quest to find the best techniques to curl your hair. You can find quick and easy tutorials that explain how to get the curly locks of your dreams in under five minutes.

If you're worried about breakage and damage from heat tools, like curling wands and flat irons, we’ve included heatless hair techniques that transform textured tresses into a mane of defined curls. The best YouTube tutorials share the 411 on the best tools and methods to use, but they also confirm the best products to help achieve your desired 'do.

Are you ready for curls to transform your short hair? We’ve compiled the best quick and easy tutorials that will teach you how to get the curly locks of your dreams in under five minutes.

Volumized Waves

If you're looking for a laid-back wave that won't fall flat, this tutorial will be your savior. It's the perfect mix of beachy and polished, plus you can duplicate the look with a 1" wand or a curling iron (more on that in the video). Make sure to curl each strand in a different direction for a messy, natural look.

Bantu Knots

This trusty hack has been around for hundreds of years, and for good reason. It's easy, heat-free, and won't damage your delicate strands. You can use Bantu knots to curl any length of hair overnight – just twist up a few buns and then go to sleep. If you haven't done it before, watch this step-by-step tutorial from beauty YouTuber Jaleesa Moses. She lays out every single step and gives her recommendations for the best-textured hair products.

Loose Waves

This tutorial offers a two-in-one look at how to properly curl your hair with a 1" iron. The first half shows how to get gorgeous loose curls, while the second gives steps on how to bring them down to Instagram-ready waves. The secret: curl, then straighten for a look that's perfectly undone.

Straightener Curls

This curling method is super fun and chic. It's just as easy as straightening your hair and gives you glossy, loose waves. To see exactly how it's done, watch the above tutorial.

Messy Ringlet Curls

Messy, ringlets – two words you probably thought you'd never see used together. Actually, it is possible to pull off a tight spiral that still looks edgy. It's a great way to amp up a super-short haircut. She used a .75-inch wand on the right half and a bubble wand on the left to show the difference in style.

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