How to cure Bronc-itis: A special message from Dr. Byron

Are you suffering from Bronc-itis? Are you desperate to get your hands on Ford's new off-roader because you absolutely must own the best of the best? Well, that may not be possible right now, but there's good news. Maybe Wrangler is right for you!

Video Transcript

- Do you find yourself constantly researching the new Ford Bronco? Reading every review, watching every video, desperately consuming the fire hose of 4 by 4 content, trying to come up with the perfect build for your new truck? Even though you know, it will be years before you can get your hands on one. Well, if so, you may be suffering from bronchitis. No, not that one the other one, perfect that one.

I'm Dr. Byron, and I've seen firsthand how Bronc-itis can be devastating to your personal, professional, and online life. Your every waking moment becomes consumed by your interminable quest to secure the perfect off-road SUV. But there's good news, Bronc-itis is treatable. Thanks to Wrangler from the makers of Palisade.

Wrangler is an approved treatment for both acute and chronic bronchitis. It works by doing 99% of what a Broncho will do today and probably for less money. Just listen to these patients who are now free of Bronc-itis

- Hey, I am Lisa. I was suffering from acute Bronc-itis until my friend told me about Wrangler. I feel just as smug as ever, and it was super affordable. Thanks, Wrangler.

- Hi, my name is Dane, and I've suffered from chronic Bronc-itis since my buddy show me the bronchial cancer back in 2004. My doctor prescribed Wrangler, and now I know to dismissively refer to the Bronco as a gussied up escape built for pulsers. Thanks, Wrangler.

- Hey, I'm Phil. I was going to spend $86,000 on a 2021 Ford Bronco. Then my friend let me try his Wrangler. I scored my own on the US market, and I couldn't be happier, thanks, Wrangler.

- If you're suffering from Bronc-itis ask your doctor about Wrangler today.

- There's no such thing as Bronc-tis Well, actually, there is but has nothing to do with the Ford Bronco. Don't buy a new Ford Bronco with mark-up. Don't buy anything in this market at all, actually. Seriously you'll go broke. Ride a scooter. Get a bus pass. Marry somebody who makes more money than you and borrow one of their cars. Sell drugs. Don't actually sell drugs. Wrangler is not a approved treatment for Tellurid-is. If you're suffering from Tellurid-is, please see your doctor about Palisade. Wrangler isn't even a real drug. It's just Wrangler with a really stupid accent. Side effects may include a lower car payment, instant gratification, and the grudging satisfaction of knowing that second best can still be pretty good.