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Spring cleaning superstars: 5 cult favorites under $25 that'll make your house sparkle

spring cleaning products
You are going to love these handy helpers this spring! (Photo: QVC)

We all appreciate those life hacks that make tasks simpler and those fun products that are recommended by your buddies because they know what a game-changer they will be for you. Well, consider us your new best friend, because we're bringing you a bangin' list of spring cleaning cult faves that are available at easy-on-the-wallet prices — all on sale and all under $25.

Quick Overview
  • LocknLock 7-Piece Nestable Starter Storage Set

    $19 $27
    Save $8
  • EZClean Footsies Microfiber Floor Cleaning Shoe Covers

    $19 $21
    Save $2
  • Scrub Daddy Set of 6 FlexTexture Puppy Shape Sponges

    $22 $25
    Save $3
  • Super Plush Microfiber Towel Set by Campanelli

    $19 $24
    Save $5
  • Tidy & Co. Drawer Organizers

    $20 $24
    Save $4

Even still, you may not want to pay all in one go and that's totally fine. Opt for interest-free EasyPay installments for each instead. Plus, if you're a first-time QVC shopper, you can grab an extra $10 off with code SURPRISE. Another tip: Be sure to check out the videos on each of the product pages to really see their wow-factor in action. Happy cleaning!

Keep it fresh

You're going to flip your lid over this set of LocknLock containers.
$19 at QVC

Sick of dipping your spoon into a bowl of cereal only to find it's gone stale? Are flour and rice dusting every inch of your pantry? Need a convenient container for those TV snacks for the kids? LocknLock saves the day with their airtight, waterproof, BPA-free food storage containers. Plus, they are microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe for tidy storage that will lengthen the life of your food. You get a set of seven for only $19 and the lids come in five snazzy shades so you can color code or just make your pantry pretty.

Said a newly hooked customer, "This is a great starter set. I particularly love that it is a nesting set — love the small footprint."

Clean on the go

Get your steps in while you mop!
$19 at QVC

If you tend to putter around the house, then you need to grab a pair of these EZClean Footsies Microfiber Floor Cleaning Shoe Covers so you can get a chore done without even thinking about it. Have a bad back? This is your answer. Just slip on these little washable booties to mop up those spills. The microfiber attracts dust, as well as soaks up liquid, so you can dry mop too.

For less than $20 you get 3 pairs, so you can always have one on hand, or share the love. They fit most shoes or wear barefoot and clean as you go. This shopper had the right idea: "These handy foot cleaning cloths are exceptionally convenient and durable. I added a little warm water to them, put them on my feet and scrubbed my tile kitchen, foyer and half bathroom floors. Then, I just threw the dirty footsie cloths into the washing machine and air dried them."

Get scrubbing

This puppy-shaped sponge will clean pretty much anything in your home.
$22 at QVC

Sweet supplies can help put a spring in your step when cleaning. These novel, puppy-shaped sponges, are as adorable as they are durable. This fan-favorite cleans everything from floors to glass to metal. It's made of Scrub Daddy's FlexTexture foam that's firm in cold water for tough scrubbing, soft in warm water for light cleaning. We love that they are top rack dishwasher safe, too, so you can easily sanitize and reuse these puppies. You'll get six of these long-lasting sponges for $22.

This Scrub Daddy enthusiast says, "I miss my Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy if I run out! I cannot live without these to quickly clean my KitchenAid Glass top Induction cooktop. glass doors on wall oven and convection toaster oven, as well as cleaning my nonstick and enamel cast iron pots and pans with no scratching. Did I mention glassware, coffee and teacups? They rinse clean, smell nice for a very long time, and don't harbor nasty odors."

Just add water

Gentle enough to clean eye glasses, yet tough enough for virtually every surface in your home.
$19 at QVC

Spray a little water on these microfiber towels and use them to wash all the grease and grime your house can throw at you. Dirty countertops? Streaky glass? These microfiber towels will pick up practically anything, and they're machine washable, so they save on disposable paper towels and do a better job. This multi-colored set of eight helps you to prevent cross-contamination by saving each shade for a particular task (gray for the kitchen, say, and blue for the bath).

Said a new convert, "These are the best for streak-free cleaning. I have brushed stainless appliances, and with just some water the fingerprints and markings come right off. My daughter has shinier stainless appliances and I took one to her house to try it out. I usually wipe hers down with some glass cleaner but they never look good. After wiping her appliances with just water and this microfiber towel, her appliances look unbelievable. She has three small children and her TV has fingerprints all over, too — a few swipes with this item takes them right away. I won't be without these. In fact, I need to order more."

Stay organized

These drawer dividers are the ideal tool to keep your space organized.
$20 at QVC

It's a fact of life — drawers get messy. Especially the ones filled with socks, undies, hair accessories, jewelry and other small items. To help get your life in order this spring, try these drawer organizers. The two-pack comes in three different colors (denim, gray and ivory) and each organizer has 15 slots to put your knick knacks in.

Shoppers can't stop talking about this great find. "I love these! I’m pretty organized, but this took it to the next level. These boxes save space, and make finding socks/underwear/whatever so much easier. I only regret I didn’t get these earlier," raved a five-star reviewer. Another happy customers added: "I bought this for my sock drawer and decided to come back and buy another for my underwear drawer. These are well made and fit a pair of socks or underwear when rolled in each space."

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