If You’re Crushing On A Scorpio, Find Out How Compatible Your Signs Are

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Ah, Scorpio: The dark horse of the Zodiac and the second-most flacked sign (sorry, Gemini). If you’re a loyal follower of astrology meme pages—or if you’ve ever made eye contact with a Scorpio and felt like they were staring directly into your soul—you’ll know that these Scorpions are assertive, mysterious, sexual, and intense. Scorpio rules the eighth house of birth, death, sex, and transformation. Its ruling planets are Mars (the planet of ambition and passion) and Pluto (the planet of destruction and rebirth), which give this fixed water sign its shadowy presence.

“I like to think of Scorpio as the Darth Vader of the Zodiac,” says Aliza Kelly, a celebrity astrologer, host, and author of the forthcoming manifestation deck and guidebook There Are No Coincidences. “They’re not necessarily fighting their own battles, but they’re in the command room overseeing everything and finding the best strategy to move through the world and apply themselves.”

If you’re currently crushing on a Scorpio, you're probably curious to know how compatible you are. No shame! You simply want to know whether or not you’ll make a good pairing, and astrology is a great starting point for discovering if you’re a match made in heaven (er, the stars).

And while you’ll obviously want to look at your Sun signs (a.k.a the sign you refer to when checking your horoscope), there are plenty of other aspects that can determine your romantic potential with a new love interest. Your Moon signs, for example, can help you understand each other’s emotional processes, says professional astrologer Liz Simmons.

Mars and Venus placements are also really important as they are the relationship planets, she adds. Venus informs what you value in a relationship as well as what you might need from a partner, while Mars determines your sexual compatibility, shared goals, and even fighting styles.

Meet the experts: Aliza Kelly is a celebrity astrologer, host, and author of the forthcoming manifestation deck and guidebook There Are No Coincidences.

Liz Simmons is a professional astrologer based in Salem, Massachusetts.

FYI, it’s important to note that there are different forms of compatibility: You can be compatible with someone sexually, while not romantically. Not to mention, there’s also friendship compatibility. “A better way of approaching compatibility is not to determine if you are compatible, but how you are compatible,” shares Kelly. “Because compatibility is not one size fits all.”

So... wanna know if a second date with a Scorpio is worth pursuing? Ahead, Kelly and Simmons break down Scorpio’s compatibility with each of the 12 zodiac signs:

Scorpio and Aries Compatibility

Aries, a fire sign, and Scorpio, a water sign, are both ruled by the planet Mars, meaning they both share the common Martian traits of aggression, assertiveness, and ambition, says Simmons. They both have a lust for life and intensity to them, but they experience these qualities in different ways, adds Kelly.

To extend Kelly’s Star Wars metaphor, Aries would be the one on the battlefield, fighting it out, whereas Scorpio would be the one behind the scenes, mapping out their strategic moves. And while those natural tendencies could make for a dynamic duo if these two find some areas of compatibility, this could also lead to some clashes. Scorpio might find Aries to be klutzy and shortsighted in the way they approach things, while Aries might see Scorpio as too slow-moving and hyper-focused on the details rather than action-oriented, says Kelly.

If they do work out, however, Aries can encourage Scorpio to be a bit more lively and brave, while Scorpio can push Aries to slow down and be less impulsive when chasing after their goals.

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility: Best Pairing

If you’re a Taurus wondering if you should make a move on that Scorpio who caught your eye last weekend, the stars are giving you a major thumbs up.

“Taurus and Scorpio have a love like no other,” says Simmons. Taurus, an earth sign, is opposite Scorpio on the zodiac wheel, making these two sister signs. And in astrology, opposites definitely attract, Kelly adds.

Both Taurus and Scorpio are very sensual, romantic, and committed in love. However, because they are so similar, they have to be careful not to fall into a pattern of jealousy or obsession, says Simmons. As not to feel too suffocated in the ‘ship, they have to give each other enough freedom to do their own thing. “They have a wonderful love, but they can’t hold onto that love too tightly or else it’s going to get a bit destructive,” Simmons adds.

Long story short, as long as they don’t fall into a trap of codependency, these two signs are OTP.

Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility: Somehow, It Works

The two most hated (ahem, most misunderstood) signs of the zodiac are also the most unexpected pairing. Technically, they shouldn’t work because Gemini is very chatty and lighthearted, and dark, deep, ~mysterious~ Scorpio is kind of the opposite, says Simmons, but this pairing weirdly works.

“Gemini knows how to ask all the right questions to keep a conversation going, and so they can pull Scorpio out of their dark corner and involve them more socially,” Simmons explains. While Scorpio might resist at first and find Gemini to be overly mischievous, if Scorpio entertains a conversation with Gemini, they might find that they can bounce a lot of ideas off one another and create a sense of intimacy over shared communication.

Though Scorpio and Gemini experience reality very differently, according to Kelly, that allows them to balance each other out. “Gemini can help Scorpio open up and express themselves more, while Scorpio can help Gemini be a bit more discerning about who they trust and share information with so they’re not constantly getting hurt by other people,” she says.

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility

As a fellow water sign, Cancer meets Scorpio in their emotional intensity and is able to understand Scorpio’s complex nature in a way that other elements and signs have difficulty with, says Kelly. In other words, Cancer is a solid pairing for Scorpio.

Like Scorpios, Cancers are sensitive creatures, adds Kelly. The crab of the zodiac, Cancers protect themselves with their outer shell, whereas the Scorpion has an outer shell and a stinger. Meaning, in a relationship, they’re both very much about maintaining the integrity of their bond, says Kelly. For a Cancer and Scorpio couple, it’s “us against the world.”

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility

Scorpio and Leo are both fixed signs. These signs also square each other—in astrology, a square suggests conflict and tension—so these two are likely to butt heads.

Leo is very charismatic and performative, while Scorpio doesn’t like showing their cards, meaning they’re not interested in trying to win people over, says Kelly. This can prove to be a big differentiator between the two.

If they do find some point of compatibility, it will definitely be in their shared sense of loyalty, Kelly adds: “Leo is very much about loyalty, commitment, and bonds, which are qualities Scorpio also really appreciates and shares.”

Being the creative and warm sign that they are, Leo can help push Scorpio out of their shell and invite more warmth into their life, while Scorpio can encourage Leo to seek deeper meaning in their creative projects, says Simmons.

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility

Virgo, a mutable earth sign, and Scorpio can be exceptionally invigorating together, says Simmons. Virgo is very analytical, pragmatic, thoughtful, and logical, and Scorpio appreciates Virgo’s punctuality and attention to detail. “Scorpio, who’s very sensitive, sees Virgo’s approach to romance as very comforting and well-intentioned because Scorpio is always noticing the little details on an emotional level,” Kelly adds.

Where they may butt heads, however, is in Virgo’s criticism. Virgo is known for being critical, and Scorpio may feel stung by this, explains Simmons. Usually, Virgo’s criticism stems from a good place—they’re trying to help and be of service—but it doesn’t always come across that way. As a result, Scorpio may find themselves feeling a bit sensitive to Virgo’s feedback at times, but as long as Scorpio understands that Virgo means well (and Virgo tries to be a smidge more gentle with their critiques), things will fare well for these two, Simmons adds.

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility: Best FWBs

Libra, a cardinal air sign, is right next to Scorpio on the zodiac wheel, forming an inconjunct, says Kelly. Translation: They don’t really get each other.

These two are complete opposites, and not in an “opposites attract” kind of way. Libra struggles with people-pleasing and is very sociable, while Scorpio is more private and has a hard time opening up, says Kelly. Moreover, Scorpio might find Libra shallow and too wishy-washy (ahem, Libra is known for being indecisive) and so these two might have issues making decisions together, adds Simmons. Also, as a fixed water sign, Scorpio requires depth and intimacy in a relationship and might not find Libra to be deep enough for their liking.

But while the romance may not always be there, these two have great sexual chemistry, says Simmons: “Libra is a Venusian sign, so they are usually very attractive, both socially and physically, while Scorpio has this magnetism about them that draws people in like a Siren.”

If these two do make a relationship work, though, Libra can definitely help soften Scorpio a bit, while Scorpio can help Libra prioritize their own needs rather than attending to everyone else’s interests, says Kelly.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

No surprise here, Scorpio and Scorpio are a highly compatible pair. Think about it: It’s like dating another version of yourself. In other words, they just get each other.

“Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility is very intense,” explains Kelly. “It can be very emotional, spiritual, and deep.” However, because Scorpios tend to be secretive, if this pair’s communication isn’t solid and they can’t fully trust each other, it will be difficult for them to open up, which may cause issues in the ‘ship, Kelly adds.

This couple needs to learn how to be vulnerable with each other and let one another into their emotional world. As long as they are both willing to communicate their feelings, this is a duo bound by a deep intimacy and love, says Simmons.

Curious to know more about these mysterious Scorpions? Watch this to learn about the three water signs of astrology:

Scorpio and Sagittarius Compatibility: Like Water And Oil

Sagittarius is the sign that comes right after Scorpio, so similar to Libra, it forms another inconjunct, says Kelly. Basically, this isn’t the easiest pairing, but if it works, it works.

Scorpio may feel a bit guarded around Sagittarius, not because Sagittarius isn’t a good time (uh, they totally are), but because Sagittarians can be a bit too direct and blunt sometimes, which might rub Scorpio the wrong way, says Simmons. “Sagittarius can absolutely call Scorpio out and see right through their actions, which can be a lot for Scorpio if they’re not ready to be seen in such a light.”

Where these two do align, however, is in how curious they both are, says Kelly. “Scorpio wants to understand the emotional capacities of everything, while Sagittarius wants to understand the philosophical and experiential capacities of everything,” she adds.

As a thrill seeker, Sagittarius is always wondering where they could travel to next, which is all fine and dandy as long as they’re taking Scorpio with them and not leaving them stranded. If Sagittarius is always on the go, Scorpio may view this as a betrayal to the integrity of their bond and their commitments to each other, and so Scorpio may have a hard time building trust with Sagittarius, says Kelly.

Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility: Power Couple

Scorpio and Capricorn is a very classic pairing, says Simmons. “Capricorn is perhaps the most ambitious and driven sign of the Zodiac, and Scorpio is also extremely goal-oriented, so these two really are a power couple,” says Kelly. In other words, this pair gets sh*t done.

Because these two are so headstrong, however, one thing they need to worry about is competition. If Scorpio and Capricorn end up competing against each other, instead of working as a team, that can ruin their ‘ship, says Kelly. While, yes, you want to show off to your partner to remind them how much of a catch you are, there are limits. Also, because both signs are ruled by malefic planets Saturn (for Capricorn) and Mars (for Scorpio), they may lean on the side of being too cynical and pessimistic together, says Simmons.

As long as these two can learn to keep the vibes light at times and avoid the urge to one up each other, this couple can really build something great together.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

Similar to Scorpio and Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are both fixed signs, meaning they square each other. Translation: This isn’t the best pairing.

While tension and conflict can really get things in motion, “suffice it to say, it’s not always easy to be in a dynamic where two people are both extremely stubborn and unwilling to change their minds,” says Kelly. Both of these signs are philosophical and humanitarian, but while Aquarius thinks about the bigger picture (i.e. humanity and society at large), Scorpio tends to be a bit more focused on themselves and their immediate community, says Kelly. So, there can be some discrepancies there.

Moreover, because Aquarius is a fixed air sign, they can be a bit too logical and rational for sensitive water sign Scorpio. It’s very much a head versus heart situation for these two, says Simmons.

If this pair does find some points of compatibility, however, they do have the potential to open each other up. Scorpio can help Aquarius be more emotionally attuned, while Aquarius can pull Scorpio out of their orbit and encourage them to be more intellectual rather than so intuitive, says Simmons.

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility

Both Scorpio and Pisces are water signs—however, Scorpio is fixed water, while Pisces is mutable water, meaning Pisces might be a bit too wishy-washy for Scorpio at times, says Simmons. Scorpio is very much stuck in their ways, while Pisces is more mystical and open-minded, Kelly adds.

Nevertheless, this can be a really good pairing for Scorpio (and even a spiritual one). As a sign ruled by malefic planets Mars and Pluto, sometimes Scorpio can have a hard time seeing the hopeful side of things, so Pisces can really bring some of that good faith and ability to lean into the flow of life as well as help Scorpio let go of some control issues, says Simmons.

If Scorpio is open to it, Pisces can help them broaden their horizons and be more easygoing and light, leading to quite a magical partnership.

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