Crumble Shoestring French Fries Onto Casseroles For A Crunchy, Salty Kick

shoestring fries in air fryer
shoestring fries in air fryer - Giovani Dressler/Shutterstock

As anyone who has scarfed down McDonald's fries has noticed, shoestrings are simply superior. While they're so tasty on their own that we tend to burn our fingers being unable to wait until they cool down, shoestrings also make an unexpected but delicious casserole topping. Unlike other thicker, starchier types of fries, these little delicate versions boast the perfect combination of crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside -- and because they're so thin, you can fit more salt and seasonings on each bite. That means that when you crumble them up, you get crispy, salty, flavorful bits that are the perfect finishing touch to your favorite casserole.

Think of shoestring fries as a yummier replacement for breadcrumbs on baked mac and cheese, or fried onions on a green bean casserole. To deploy them, all you have to do is crumble your favorite fries and sprinkle them on top of your dish for the last few minutes of baking. If you typically cover your casserole with foil to prevent it from burning in the oven, make sure to remove it right before you sprinkle your shoestrings on top so they can get even more golden brown and crunchy.

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How To Top Your Casserole With Shoestring Crumbles

broccoli and cheese casserole
broccoli and cheese casserole - AS Foodstudio/Shutterstock

The best part? Shoestring french fries are so versatile that they work perfectly when crumbled on a variety of different casseroles -- and if you make them at home yourself or start with plain strings, you can season them according to your dish. For example, use a little garlic and onion powder if you're making a green bean casserole, or black pepper and paprika for a moist corn casserole. You can add taco seasoning to fries to top Mexican dishes, Cajun or Creole spices to top a casserole containing andouille sausage, or chili powder on the fries to go on almost any type of oven-baked one-pot meal for an extra kick. Since shoestring fries are made of potatoes, they also pair well with any kind of breakfast casserole, ideally atop a bubbling layer of cheese.

Crumbling french fries can be as simple as pulverizing them with your hands. But if you're not getting the texture you're looking for, you can also pass them through the food processor or use a knife to mince them up. The little bits should get nice and crispy when they bake on your casserole for a few minutes, but if they need a head start, you can also toss them in the air fryer for a minute or two beforehand to make sure they're extra crunchy.

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