‘The Crowded Room’ Season 2 Seems Unlikely

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Spoilers follow for The Crowded Room on AppleTV+.

The tenth and final episode of The Crowded Room is now streaming on AppleTV+, bringing to a close the complex and sprawling story of troubled Danny Sullivan, played by Tom Holland.

While the majority of critics have panned the show, viewers have been kinder towards The Crowded Room, with fans of Tom Holland in particular praising the range in his performance. Holland portrays an array of different characters in the series, embodying the alternate personalities of his character Danny, who suffers from dissociative personality disorder.

The structure of the series obfuscated this crucial character detail at first, presenting the story of Danny and the crimes that he was accused of committing in a fractured, non-linear fashion, with all of the answers only fully revealed in the season finale. Which begs the question: is there any more story left to tell?

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Will The Crowded Room have a second season?

While no announcement has been made either way, we can say with some certainty that The Crowded Room will likely not be renewed for Season 2. The show, based on the nonfiction novel The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes, was conceived and filmed as a limited series, with the finale serving as a definitive ending to the true crime-inspired story.

Additionally, Tom Holland has recently made the decision to take a break from acting, clearing the next year of any potential projects. And the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike means that no new seasons of television will be going into production for the foreseeable future.

So it looks like the door to The Crowded Room is closing for good.

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