Crocs Collaborations Over the Years: ‘Cars,’ Balenciaga, Bad Bunny and More

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Inspired by the Dutch clog style, three Colorado natives — Scott Seamans, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson and George Boedecker Jr. — created the first model of Crocs in 2002, initially designed to be a slip-resistant and waterproof footwear option for boaters. It wasn’t long until the slip-on silhouette began garnering attention for its comfortable construction.

The footwear brand is now a household name within the fashion industry, with its Classic Clog gaining recognition through achievements like FNAA’s 2021 Shoe of the Year. Crocs has continued to elevate itself through its collaborations.

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Over the years, many have been eager to reinterpret the Classic Clog and other iconic styles in their own way through custom colorways and embellishments. Through their collaborative efforts, Crocs has touched almost every industry from fast food restaurants like KFC to high-end labels like Balenciaga. Stars like Justin Bieber, Bad Bunny and Post Malone have also reimagined sets that have sold out within minutes.

Here, FN looks back at 31 Crocs collaborations through the years.

Crocs x Christopher Kane, 2017

Crocs, clog, Christopher Kane, collaboration, 2017
The Crocs x Christopher Kane Classic Clog.

In 2017, Christopher Kane became the first luxury brand designer to collaborate with Crocs. The Classic Clog took the runway for the first time that year during London Fashion Week. The iconic silhouette was dressed in six neutral colorways, including white and black marble. Each style was embellished with gemstones taking the place of Jibbitz. Each set retailed for $375.

Crocs x Drew Barrymore, 2018

Drew Barrymore, Crocs, collection, collaboration,
The Crocs x Drew Barrymore Color-Block collection. Crocs

Shortly after Drew Barrymore was announced as a Crocs brand ambassador in 2018, the actress launched the Color-Block collection. The three limited-edition styles, including the Classic Clog, featured a navy blue, yellow and white colorway. Inspired by love and positivity, Barrymore brought her personal style to the sets with exclusive graphics and embellishments. The collection ranged from $45-$50.

Crocs x Post Malone, 2018

Post Malone, Crocs, collaboration
The Crocs x Post Malone Classic Clog.Crocs

Crocs tapped Post Malone in 2018 on two reiterations of the Classic Clog. The first pair to be released was dressed in Malone’s favorite colors: white, black and yellow. Once the limited-edition set went live on the brand’s website, it sold out within 10 minutes. Because of the popularity, another collaboration followed shortly after. The Dimitri Clog retailed for $60.

Crocs x Alife, 2018

crocs, alife, collaboration, collaboration,
The Crocs x Alife “Art” clog.Alife

In 2018, Crocs partnered with streetwear brand Alife to create three reiterations of the Classic Clog inspired by New York City’s downtown culture. The limited-edition sets incorporated 2018 fashion trends with the Sport style featuring an attached tube sock. The $600 clog used 3D prints to create Jibbitz shaped like New York City buildings like the Statue of Liberty.

Crocs x Cars, 2019

Crocs, Cars, Lightning McQueen, collaboration, pixar,
The Crocs x Lightning McQueen Classic Clog.Shawn Jin

Crocs teamed up with Pixar’s “Cars” to reimagine the Classic Clog in the shape of the beloved Lightning McQueen. Dressed in an all-red colorway, the set featured the car’s smiling face plastered against the toe and his body’s graphic prints along the sole. The pair quickly sold out when released in 2019 and so did the Mater-inspired style when it released in 2023.

Crocs x Ruby Rose, 2019

collaborations, Ruby Rose, Crocs, shoes
The Crocs x Ruby Rose Classic Clog.Courtesy of Crocs

Crocs and Ruby Rose created a retro-inspired model of the Classic Clogs in 2019. The limited-edition set took on an all-white colorway with distressed details like scuff marks. The $64.99 pair was completed with an edgy set of Jibbitz charms that included graphic lettering and a skateboard with a bat logo, referencing Rose’s role in the “Batwoman” series.

Crocs x Luke Combs, 2019

Crocs, collaboration, wood grain clogs
The Crocs x Luke Combs Classic Clog. Shawn Jin

Crocs tapped country singer Luke Combs in 2019 on a limited-edition Classic Clog set. The pair was exclusively sold at the CMA Fest. Priced at $60, the set featured a black sole and footbed surrounded by a wood panel-inspired foam upper. The clogs were completed with a set of custom Jibbitz charms that included one that read “support your local moonshiners.”

Crocs x Vera Bradley, 2019

Crocs, Vera Bradley, collaboration
The Crocs x Vera Bradley Classic Clog.Shawn Jin

In 2019, Crocs and Vera Bradley created their first ever collaboration where they combined both of their signature styles to create an exclusive collection of footwear. Four of the footwear brand’s styles, including the Kadee Flat and Sloane Slide, were reworked in Bradley’s iconic patterns like Mint Flowers, Firework Paisley and Starry Gardens. The styles ranged from $40-$50.

Crocs x Takashi Murakami, 2019

Crocs, Takashi Murakami, collaboration, 2019
The Crocs x Takashi Murakami Classic Clog.Goat

In 2019, the footwear brand collaborated with artist Takashi Murakami on a limited-edition Classic Clog. The model featured a black sole and lining, surrounded by a colorful camouflage pattern inspired by the artist’s psychedelic illustration style. Completed with a teddy bear Jibbitz charm, the pair was released in November of that year and retailed at $85.

Crocs x Chinatown Market, 2019

Crocs, Chinatown market, collaboration, 2019
The Crocs x Chinatown Market Classic Clog.Crocs

Crocs and Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Chinatown Market collaborated in 2019 on a Classic Clog that was meant to create the experience of walking barefoot on grass. The limited-edition set featured a black rubber silhouette which was overlaid by a soft turf textile along the upper. Chinatown Market’s branding was seen on the heel strap. The pair retailed for $60.

Crocs x KFC, 2020

KFC, Crocs, classic clogs, collaboration,
The Crocs x KFC Classic Clog.Courtesy of StockX

In 2020, Crocs teamed up with Kentucky Fried Chicken to reimagine two iconic silhouettes. The Bucket and Classic Clog featured a fried chicken graphic along the upper and a Jibbitz charm that looked and smelled like a chicken drumstick. The soles were dressed in a white and red striped design, resembling the brand’s logo. The $60 set sold out within minutes.

Crocs x Bad Bunny, 2020

Bad Bunny, Crocs, collaboration
The Crocs x Bad Bunny Classic Clog.Crocs

Crocs partnered with Bad Bunny in 2020 on a limited-edition set of Classic Clogs. The all-white set stood out among the rest of the collaborations because of its glow-in-the-dark feature. Priced at $60, the Glow Up clogs came in an all-white colorway with custom Jibbitz charms inspired both by outer space and by the Puerto Rican singer himself.

Crocs x Justin Bieber, 2020

Crocs, Justin Bieber, collaboration
The Crocs x Justin Bieber Classic Clog.Goat

Released in 2020, Crocs’ first collaboration with Justin Bieber was a reimagination of the Classic Clogs. The Canadian singer colored his first Crocs pair in his streetwear label Drew House’s yellow. Eight custom Jibbitz accompanied the set with charms that ranged from Drew House logos to assorted smiley faces. The slip on set, retailed for $60, sold out in 90 minutes.

Crocs x Awake NY, 2021

Awake NY, Crocs, collaboration
The Awake NY x Crocs Classic Clog.Courtesy of Crocs

Crocs partnered with Awake NY in 2021 on a new iteration of the Classic Clog. The streetwear brand’s founder, Angelo Baque, used the collection to pay tribute to his grandmother’s Washington Heights home, where he spent most of his summers as a child. Along with special Jibbitz charms like a Red Apple, the two colorways feature an all-over heart pattern.

Crocs x Salehe Bembury, 2021

Crocs, Salehe Bembury, clogs, collaboration
The Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog.Shawn Jin/Courtesy of Crocs

Crocs and Salehe Bembury’s first collaboration was released in 2021 with the debut of the Pollex Clog. Released in three colorways, the reimagined version of the Classic Clog featured a ridged silhouette that is inspired by the designer’s signature waved motif. The usual rubber pivoting heel strap took on a braided thread look for the $85 limited-edition set.

Crocs x Balenciaga, 2021

Balenciaga, Crocs, collaboration
The Balenciaga x Crocs Madame clog.Courtesy of Balenciaga

In 2021, Crocs’ collaboration with Balenciaga took over social media platforms when they brought height to the Classic Clog. Released in four colorways, the Madame style stood out among other collaborations with a heel that was about 3 inches tall. Within the women’s collection was another silhouette, a rain boot.

Crocs x Margaritaville, 2022

Crocs, Margaritaville, Classic Clogs, collaborations
The Crocs x Margaritaville Classic Clog.Shawn Jin/Courtesy of Crocs

Crocs first collaborated with Margaritaville in 2022 on a reiterated Classic Clog. The original Buffet-themed set included foam uppers in a marbled pale lime green and white palette, inspired by the summer drink. The pair’s accompanying Jibbitz set also included an opened parrot-shaped bottle. The clogs were made only available for fans to shop through an online drawing on the Crocs website.

Crocs x SZA, 2022

Crocs, SZA, collaboration
The Crocs x SZA Classic Clog.Goat

In 2022, Crocs tapped SZA on a collaboration created to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month. The R&B singer customized a Classic Clog and Slide in a faux wood grain print which was adorned with a pack of eccentric Jibbitz charms. The Classic Clog featured a pseudo friendship bracelet along the collar that read “SZA.” The limited-edition set retailed for $70.

Crocs x Lisa Frank, 2022

Crocs, Lisa Frank, collaborations
The Crocs x Lisa Frank Classic Clog.Courtesy of Foot Locker

Crocs and Lisa Frank created a whimsical kids’ style of its Classic Clog in 2022. The style featured a bold light purple upper covered in layered multicolored hearts in different shapes and sizes. The set’s logo buttons were replaced with a rainbow-toned “Lisa Frank” logo. A colorful Jibbitz set was included in the release. The limited-edition pair retailed for $60.

Crocs x Doodles, 2023

Crocs, Doodles, Classic Clog, complexcon, 2023, collaboration,
The Crocs x Doodles Classic Clog.TARAN SODHI

Showcased at ComplexCon, Crocs and Doodle’s 2023 collaboration reiterated the Classic Clog in a colorful way. The set was completely covered in the brand’s signature pastel camouflage design. Accompanying the pair was a pack of Jibbitz charms resembling original Doodles characters designed by Doodles’ artist Scott Martin. The collaborative shoes were released in limited quantity and retailed for $120.

Crocs x Barbie, 2023

Crocs, Barbie, collection, collaboration,
The Crocs x Barbie collection.Crocs

Shortly before the release of the 2023 movie, Crocs partnered with “Barbie” to create a three-piece line inspired by the Mattel doll. The collection included two clogs and one sandal, all dressed in hot pink colorways. Along with the styles, Crocs released eight Jibbitz charms inspired by the film, including a shiny hot pink disco ball and a cowboy hat.

Crocs x Lil Nas X, 2023

Crocs, Lil Nas X, collaboration
The Crocs x Lil Nas X Mega Crush Clog.

In 2023, Crocs tapped Lil Nas X as not only a collaborator but also an ambassador. The two worked together to reiterate the brand’s Mega Crush clogs in a shearling-covered style. The pair was dressed in a tonal brown colorway. His two cats inspired a five-pack of Jibbitz charms shaped like feline whiskers. The fluffy set retailed for $110.

Crocs x Shrek, 2023

Shrek, Crocs, Classic Clog, collaborations
The Shrek x Crocs Classic Clog. Courtesy of Crocs

Crocs teamed up with Dreamworks’ “Shrek” to create a Classic Clog that takes the form of the infamous orge. The slip-on silhouette was colored in a textured eerie green, mimicking the character’s blemished skin. Completing the pair was a brown fuzzy heel strap and Jibbitz that were shaped like Shrek’s nose and ears. The set was released in 2023 and retailed for $50.

Crocs x MSCHF, 2023

Crocs, MSCHF, boot, collaboration
The Crocs x MSCHF Big Red Boot in Yellow.Goat

First seen at Rick Owens’ menswear spring 2024 show at Paris Fashion Week, Crocs and MSCHF teamed up to combine the Classic Clog style with the Big Red Boot. Musician Tommy Cash was seen sitting front row at the fashion show wearing the bright yellow pair. When it was released in August of 2023, the set retailed for $450.

Crocs x NBA, 2023

NBA, Crocs, collaboration
The Crocs x NBA Mega Crush Clog.Goat

Crocs and the NBA released a collaboration just in time for All-Star weekend in 2023. To celebrate the annual exhibitions, the footwear brand released a special edition Mega Crush and Echo Clog.  pattern print of NBA team logos on the white uppers. Completed the set was a double-stacked elevated midsole and the strap bolt appearing as a metallic gold basketball logo.

Crocs x Minecraft, 2023

Crocs, Minecraft, clogs, collaboration
The Crocs x Minecraft Classic Clog.Crocs

In 2023, Crocs and Minecraft collaborated on a video game-themed collection. Featuring four Classic Clog and one Classic slide, the entire line was dressed in earth tones and graphics from the game. Each slip-on set is accompanied by a series of Minecraft-themed Jibbitz charms. The video game’s logo decorated the pivoting heel strap. Each style ranged for $35-$70.

Crocs x Spiderman, 2023

Marvel, Crocs, Spider-Man Collection, All Terrain Clog
The Marvel x Crocs Spider-Man All-Terrain Clog.Crocs/Shawn Jin

Just before “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” was released in theaters in 2023, Crocs released a collaboration with Marvel, inspired by the superhero. Ranging from $55-80, the collection included three footwear styles — the Ghost Spider Classic Clog, Team Spider-Man Echo, and the All-Terrain Clog, which mimics the design of Spider-Man’s suit. Each silhouette included a custom assortment of Spiderman Jibbitz charms.

Crocs x Hello Kitty, 2024

hello kitty, siren clog, clog, crocs, shoes,  collaboration
The Crocs x Hello Kitty collection.Crocs

For Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary, Crocs teamed up with the brand on a footwear collection including reiterated versions of iconic silhouettes like the Classic Clog. Two height-boosting styles, the Siren Clog and Stomp Slide, were dressed in an all-over white graphic pattern and a glitter sole. Each set came with a Hello Kitty red bow and figure Jibbitz charms.

Crocs x Toy Story, 2024

Toy Story, Crocs, collabroation
The Crocs x Toy Story Classic Clog.Crocs

In 2024, Crocs partnered with Disney on a Toy Story-inspired reimagination of the Classic Clog. One of the silhouettes resembled Woody, which featured a cow print along the toe. The other one was dressed as Buzz Lightyear with a primarily green graphic and a purple heel strap. Both pairs were finished with the iconic “Andy” signature on the inside sole.

Crocs x Barney, 2024

Crocs, Barney, collaboration
The Crocs x Barney Classic Clog.Goat

To celebrate the 1992 children’s show, Crocs partnered with Barney to color the infamous Classic Clog as the beloved dinosaur. The set featured the show’s signature purple along the upper with green spots along the heel, matching the sole and footbed. Along with an array of colorful Jibbitz, the set was completed by the dinosaur’s yellow toes molded into a 3D style.

Crocs x Nascar, 2024

Crocs, NASCAR, collaborations
The Crocs x NASCAR collection.Crocs

To celebrate the NASCAR 2024 Cup Series, Crocs collaborated with the car racing company on a Classic Clog.  Offered in black and blue, the style features checkered flag graphics on the upper and Nascar branding on the midsole and pivoting heel strap. The $69.99 pair includes a 5-pack of Jibbitz with exclusive 3D charms and LED elements.

Crocs, collaborations, clog
Crocs, collaborations, clog

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